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Customer Stories

Comsys boosts employee productivity with MDM

IT Service Provider

Comsys is a Mexican company that provides integrated solutions for personnel, fleet, and customer relationship management. Managing over 5000 Android and iOS devices became a real challenge for Comsys so they set out to find an easy-to-use, yet effective, Mobile Device Management solution that would help them save both time and money.

More control over company-owned devices

New to MDM, Comsys wanted to find a solution that would allow them to better manage their customers' mobile devices. Their customers have wide-ranging device management requirements, but the most sought-after feature is the ability to manage applications on a device and employee level.

Comsys often deals with company-owned devices that are solely intended for work use. Therefore, being able to set restrictions and manage applications for both iOS and Android devices was essential.

man using a tablet

Perfect choice in all aspects

Before implementation, Comsys had a demo session with Miradore's pre-sales team and evaluated the platform with all the support documentation available in the Knowledge Base.

"The wide selection of features, cost-effectiveness, and ease of use made Miradore an excellent choice for us," says Miguel Angel Garcia Acosta, Product Director at Comsys.

Currently, Comsys manages ten different customer sites with Miradore — the number of managed devices ranging from 2,600 to less than 10 devices per site. Having a tool that enables them to flexibly manage all of their customers' devices in one place, regardless of the client company size, makes day-to-day work significantly easier.

With the help of Miradore, Comsys is able to:

    • save valuable time by setting up devices using the QR code enrollment
    • manage restrictions and applications for multiple devices easier
    • manage over 5000 mobile devices efficiently for ten different customers
    • help its clients to increase employee productivity by configuring devices for work use only

"Our customers are able to witness increased employee productivity when devices are limited to work use only," highlights Garcia Acosta.


Comsys is a Mexican company that provides digital solutions in the fields of personnel management, fleet management, and CRM.