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BI Developer

Finance & Business Intelligence

Are you familiar with data science and visualization? Always wanted to have an impact on the company’s data-driven approach? Our Data Team needs your help!

What we do

We are developing our own SaaS for device management. Our newly-built data warehouse solution utilizes currently technologies like Azure SQL, Azure Data Factory, Fivetran and Power BI. However, we do not limit ourselves to these and you’ll have a great opportunity to affect our tech stack. Overall our DW needs to be developed further and utilized more effectively.

What you’d do

In short, your role would include being our expert in collecting, analyzing, and presenting business information. And the longer list:

  • processing data inside the data warehouse to make our data model more comprehensive
  • digging deep into the figures and numbers trying to find patterns and correlations as well as creating forecasts based on them
  • making easy to understand graphical representations of the data
  • helping the whole company make more data-driven decisions
  • having a major role in defining our data architecture

Of course, your own interests and capabilities will also affect the role.

Skills needed

Since this is relatively new to us, we’re hoping to find someone experienced to join us. We’re looking for a smart person who gets things done. We believe SQL, Python, R, knowledge of statistical modelling, and ETL processes as well as cloud setups would be beneficial for this role.

How we work

In this role you’ll have a real possibility to affect to our tools, processes and development practices around data. Since you’ll be joining us early in the process there will be a lot of opportunities to really make a difference and to ensure we work smarter in the future. Nonetheless, we’re past the very beginning so there’s some groundwork for you to build on.

You’ll be part of the Finance & Business Intelligence team that is led by our CFO. Also, our Cloud Operator gives his input for the data engineering side of things. In a small team you don’t need to do everything alone but the work is very flexible. The data team has the full support of our entire company, including our management team and board.

Additional info and application

If you have any questions, send a message to mira.majuri(a), or just apply. We’ll close the recruitment process as soon as we find the right person for our team.

Aaand here’s the mandatory part:

Miradore is a device management software that makes it super simple to securely manage a diverse mix of smartphones, tablets, and laptops running on different operating systems. Customers can get started in minutes with all the right features for effective device management in a single platform.

We’re a successful, growing SaaS company that has passed the chaos of the startup stage, yet remain flexible, open and fun on our global quest. Our work is strictly B2B, we have outstanding global sales and a product that’s simple, smart, secure, and used by over 10,000 customers globally.

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