In terms of IT, small business can mean a lot of things.

If you own or operate a business that employs a few people, IT might not be one of your operational worries. You may not even have IT personnel, or for that matter, buy software and hardware from business resellers. Maybe you buy laptops and business phones at the same place you’d buy a gadgety treat for yourself.

If you do have IT operations and gear in a company that employs a few to maybe dozens of people, you might have noticed how capital expenditure on traditional IT infrastructure and licenses really can add up. You may be far from the kind of volume where having a full-time IT person would make sense. Still, those PCs or Macs, or goodness forbids, in-house servers, aren’t going to take care of themselves.

So, you might ask, why should you, with the emergence of smartphones and tablets in business, add another level of management and complication to the IT puzzle. Don’t people like smartphones because they’re simple and not nearly as finicky as traditional computers? Well, let’s find out why Mobile Device Management, MDM, really makes sense!


1. It’s free

Zero cost is not a thing we usually associate with business software that can scale from one device to thousands.  Yet, here we are and we’re delighted to tell you that Miradore is free to use, with no restrictions on devices or time.

Our free plan is perfectly usable and removes the barrier to entry for getting your businesses mobile devices under control. Yet, we do have paid plans that won’t break the bank with some advanced features.

When we say free, we really mean it. We don’t resell your personal data to make a few pennies. Miradore is a serious contender in the business software market with over a decade of experience in making Management Suite, our tool for making PCs and servers tick.

We operate under EU and Finnish privacy laws too. Then there’s the basic fact that times are changing and that businesses may need different levels of service, even within the same company.


2. It’s easy

Here’s the deal with mobile phones: they’re easy to use. Tap tap, spinning icon, and you’re done installing apps or e-mail accounts. The good news is that Miradore Online, our free, cloud based Mobile Device Management, really isn’t complicated either.

Windows Server might be a bunch of wizards, in theory, to set up and manage for something like Active Directory. Yet, if you’ve ever seen the inner workings of this particular sausage factory, you sure know that there’s a lot of moving parts to get right. Not so with Miradore Online. It’s still a fine piece of machinery, but we take care of it.

If you’re working in one of the countless small businesses that pay for Google Apps or Microsoft Office 365 because it’s so easy, you’ll feel at home in Miradore Online. You can get started adding your first device in a couple of minutes.


3. Make your fleet of mobile computers a known entity


Oh inventory: everyone’s dream day at work. Or not. Well, maybe it is if you like counting.

Be that as it may, everything grownups do in a businessy way that’s intended not to cause chaos needs organization, whether it be of product inventory or keeping track business assets, such as tools.

What if we told you free Mobile Device Management with Miradore gives you this, with no manual labour. A single pane of glass with up to date information about your devices, with reports you easily can export.

Hands coming out of Mac laptop screen

This is totally what getting hacked looks like. Or not. Image by Blogtrepreneur


4. It’ll give you back control over business computers

You may be either the kind of small business that has its infrastructure set up with managed computers and logins, or you just buy all your gear from the chain store down the corner. However, with the simplicity of Mobile Device Management already established, let’s look at what it can offer: things you may not want to give up from traditional computers or perhaps a level of IT savviness you never had in your business before.

On our free plan, you can do things like enforcing users to keep a passcode on their phone, a basic security must have, to pushing out Wi-FI and e-mail configurations. For a small monthly fee, you can move on to white and blacklisting apps, deploying apps en masse, tracking the locations of your devices with set intervals and much more.


5. It rids you of security fatalism


Securing mobile phones with apps on them. That’s a thing now!

Think about it: there’s legislation around the world on liability for security breaches, to the pure and simple business logic in not having someone else steal data from you or lock down your mobile phones.

With Mobile Device Management, you can go all in, disabling cameras and the like. However, most prefer to begin with the basics: drive encryption and app restrictions are at your fingertips with Miradore Online. There are still millions and millions of Android devices out there with no available control over app permissions to almost non-existent security support.

You may not need to run national security to see the benefit of placing restrictions on some of the devices out there.


6. Separate personal and company time for fun and profit


In addition to security problems, there are other reasons you may not want your employees to express themselves all too wildly with your mobile devices. Maybe you don’t want to handle customer data on a device with snoopy dating apps on them, maybe you want your payment terminal’s home screen to look clean.

Maybe you want a tax break and need to prove to the tax man that your work devices aren’t being used for anything more fun than spreadsheets (no offence, Excel aficionados, the world needs you too).

Either way, using MDM can make for a much more professional work environment device vice.

Person taking photo of landmark with mobile phone

Please don’t start off with disablint the cameras on company smartphones, unless you really have to. Photo by Jose Carlos Machado.


7. MDM is the key to Bring Your Own Device

Maybe you’re all in on mobile productivity and you want to enable your employees to roam around with devices, which make them the most efficient. Maybe you’re in the BYOD camp and want to have a program where people bring in their own device and you just want a little bit of control over it without being too heavy-handed. Well, more than anything else, MDM lets you do all that, and for a small business you might be ok with the free plan of Miradore online. You really can throw in everyone’s phone, because you can maintain our free plan for unlimited devices.


So that was it: just a scratch on the surface of why you really, really ought to look into controlling your small business smartphones and tables with Mobile Device Management. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments below. Alternatively, why not give it a go right now.

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