We’re happy to report that our 10th anniversary seminar and party was a roaring success. Not only did we get to celebrate a decade in business, but we also had the opportunity to chat with lots of our fantastic customers.

Needless to say, we were very keen to hear what people thought of Miradore and the way we work. Thankfully, our clients were happy to share and let us know. So the million dollar question is what did they say?

What people like about us

It turns out we got lots of praise for our nimble customer support and ease of use of all our products. Likewise, attendees of our seminar attendees pointed out how complete our solution is and how many platforms and device types they cover. As you can imagine this was music to our ears, but rather than take our word for it, here are our customer’s thoughts in their own words.

“Diversity. All in one package.”


“Easy to use. Reliable.”


“Versatile asset register. Really good support.”


“Straight forward + competent.”


“Simplicity and licensing model.”


“Easy and easy to understand. Agile and flexible. Finnish.”


“I love Miradore. Good well working products and excellent personnel. Best support ever.”


“Excellent product with reasonable price. Extraordinary support. It is complex, but far from competitors’ efforts.”


“Many features in single products. Mobile management is competent and also easy to use.”


“Miradore products are ready to conquer the world!”


“Lightweight no-bullshit design with powerful capabilities in a single package. Swift support that actually resolves issues.”


That’s enough of us patting ourselves on the back. Now, we’re getting back to work on cool new stuff for you. Feel free to leave more or less flattering comments on what you think about us in the comments section below.

Title photo by Derek Lee

Thomas Nybergh

Thomas Nybergh

Thomas Nybergh is a writer with a passion for mobile technology and user-centred design. He has spent nearly a decade working at the crossroads of technology and marketing and now spends far too much time on the internet helping to make it tick.
Thomas Nybergh