Spring has sprung, as they say, but we’ve been working hard to push out a few new shiny features for Miradore Online. Read on to find out what they are, and please click through the links for more information.

Two-Factor Authentication

You’ve been asking for it, and we’ve heard you: Miradore Online now supports two-factor authentication using time-based, one-time passwords. Two-factor authentication is an account-specific security feature which provides protection against data breaches and hacking by adding a second factor of authentication to user login.

Controlling Updates for Windows 10

Would you like to control when and how Windows Updates are installed to your Windows 10 devices?

With the newly added Windows Update configuration profile, Miradore Online Enterprise subscribers can deploy update policies and general update settings to their managed Windows 10 devices.

For example, IT admins can now define active hours when updates and restarts should be avoided when people are working. Admins can also assign devices into different deployment rings, which helps to deploy updates more gradually, thereby minimizing the impact of potential problems caused by the updates.

Forcing Updates for iOS

In addition to controlling Windows Updates, we’ve added the capability for Apple DEP-enrolled iOS devices to start software updates to the latest version immediately.

Device Variables for Managed App Configurations

For both iOS and Android, the device identifiers can now be used as part of managed app configurations. For example, email can be configured based on user and device settings. For iOS, you can use serial number, IMEI, MAC address and UDID, and for Android, serial number, IMEI, MAC address and Android ID. This can enable you to identify a device trying to access a system.

Other Improvements

This release also contains several other improvements; such as the possibility for Managed Service Providers to export and import configuration profiles between different Miradore Online sites, and many other bug fixes and small improvements that are explained in the most recent release notes.

We’re Here To Help

In case you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. If we’re offline, you can now also use the new Support chat in the product interface to search for answers to your questions at any time.

Happy managing!

Best regards,
The Miradore Team

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