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What is remote support software? Understanding the uses and benefits

4 min read


Remote support software is transforming support experiences by enabling IT teams to access and resolve device issues from any remote location. This advanced solution helps improve turnaround times and increase end user satisfaction while going beyond geographical boundaries.

What is remote support?

Remote support allows IT teams to access and control a device from any location, equipping them to troubleshoot an end user’s device with ease.

With remote support technology, IT teams can resolve any specific device issues without having to rely on time-consuming phone calls or email threads. Gone are the days when we needed to type out or spend hours on the phone trying to describe the issue in detail before getting it fixed.

The best part: You no longer need to physically take your device into the office or a dedicated IT support base whenever there’s a problem – because everything can be done remotely for a fraction of the time and cost.

Remote support is available for a range of devices, including remote computer support for PC and Mac, or remote mobile support for iOS, Android, and Windows smartphones.

To learn more about remote support, check out this video:

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Types of remote support software

Remote support software is divided into two main categories.

  • Unattended remote support: The end-user can be away from their device, with permission granted to the IT technician to remotely access and troubleshoot the issue at any convenient time.
  • Attended remote support: The end-user needs to be available on their device while an IT technician is carrying out a remote support session.

The functionality of each type of remote support software differs. Let’s explore them here:

Unattended remote support

Unattended remote support sessions do not need the end-user to be present if the IT team has already installed an agent app on all their managed devices. This allows technicians to connect to the remote device through the agent app - with or without the end-user being available.

This type of remote support is beneficial as IT technicians can resolve device issues without having to wait for access, and end-users can maximize their time by getting the support they need without any impact on their productivity.

Attended Remote Support

Attended remote support is also known as on-demand or ad-hoc support. To establish a support session the end-user needs to request assistance via the remote support software’s app and be present during the session.

Providing attended access is beneficial as it enables end-users to safely obtain remote assistance for their managed as well as personal devices. Additionally, unlike unattended remote support, there is no need to deploy the agent app in advance.

Miradore’s remote support feature allows admins or editors to carry out instant remote sessions while the end-user is present on their device.

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Benefits of using remote support

Remote support technology is changing the game for IT technicians, offering benefits such as increased productivity and lower costs.

Increased productivity

With remote support, you can efficiently resolve issues without needing to travel to the device's location or spending time guiding the end-user through the solution step by step. This allows IT technicians to offer remote assistance and handle more requests in less time, freeing up capacity for them to focus on high-value tasks that contribute to the business’s growth.

Access to professionals

Resolving device issues requires support from technicians with specialized expertise. Remote support software enables IT professionals to offer assistance by accessing your device from any location, at any time. This flexibility can be especially beneficial for organizations with employees working in different time zones, home offices or remote locations.

Lower costs

Remote support solutions make way for businesses to completely cut down on the overhead costs of on-site visits. Saving money spent on traveling and additional IT support infrastructure increases ROI and contributes to overall revenue growth.

Strengthened security

Proactively leverage round-the-clock security by enabling IT technicians to remotely support and monitor devices. This helps identify potential security risks and prevent breaches before they even occur. Explore how Miradore also ensures data security and compliance here.

Remote support use cases

The capabilities of remote support come in handy for various use cases and individuals. These roles and business use cases significantly benefit from leveraging remote support software:

Managed service providers

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) improve IT administration efficiency with remote support software by saving time and resources that would otherwise be used for on-site visits. This allows them to easily scale and manage a large number of devices using a simple, streamlined process while cutting down on time-consuming manual tasks.

Technical support

In the current business landscape, where more employees are opting to work in a remote or hybrid environment, it is vital to explore solutions that offer technical support from any location. If your employees aren’t going into the office every day, they will need to obtain support from wherever they are – especially without this process interrupting their productivity for too long.

IT administration and maintenance

Remote support streamlines IT administration by allowing your IT team to manage servers, networks, and endpoints that are based in multiple locations. For organizations that handle extensive IT infrastructure such as this, remote support makes it easier to monitor and manage each area with quick access and instant remote control.

Customer services and help desk support

Remote support software comes with features such as email, phone, and chat support. These features enable your customer service and help desk team to easily communicate with end-users via a channel of their choice. With just a click of a button, customers can receive the help they need, resulting in an efficient process and increased customer satisfaction.

Software training and onboarding

With remote support, managers and trainers can carry out onboarding sessions for their staff by remotely accessing devices and running through the resolution process in real-time. This provides an interactive and enriching experience even if each participant is not attending the session physically.

Sales and product demonstrations

Use remote support to conduct virtual product demos and presentations when your customer is located miles away. This enhances a prospect’s buying experience and empowers them with the in-depth product information they need to convert to a customer.

Using Miradore as your remote support solution

As highlighted in this blog, the benefits and uses of remote support are endless. Start leveraging the best of these game-changing features so you can remotely manage devices with ease.

Explore Miradore and discover all the features you need for effective Android, Apple, and Windows device management within a single, easy-to-use platform today.

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