Here’s some news we’re particularly excited about:

In June, we conducted a customer satisfaction survey to find out how we are doing, and whether there’s something we could improve on our side.

We asked some of our customers to rate their satisfaction with our technical support on a scale of 0 – 10 with 10 being the most positive. The average score was 9.32 which indicates that the respondents were very satisfied with the provided product support.

We also asked how likely they would recommend our company to a friend or colleague. Based on the responses, we calculated a Net Promoter Score (NPS) which is the ratio of promoters to detractors. The resulting NPS (76) is illustrated in the picture below.


Although we’re excited about the excellent results, we see that there’s still room for improvement, and we want to develop our services together with our customers.

As the next step on this path, we’ve now opened the Miradore community for all of our users. There you can openly share and discuss your experiences of Miradore Online and Management Suite.

What’s more, whenever you’ve got an idea for a new feature, you can bring it up at the Feature Requests section. And of course, feel free to just shoot the breeze with other Miradore users and our support guys at the Open discussion area. We’re sure that’ll be the birthplace of many a great ideas!

You’ll be able to post your thoughts once you’ve logged in with either your account for Miradore Online or Management Suite support site. Additionally, you’ll find the community in the sidebar of the support site and in the Help menu of Miradore Online. To browse the community without logging in, use the direct link or access it through the Miradore Online product guide.
So turn on, tune in and start posting! Our support staff will keep a keen eye on what’s going on and participate the discussion with you. If you’ve got any questions regarding the community, do drop our email support a line and they’ll help you get started.
We hope to meet you online soon!
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Miradore provides simple cloud-based solutions for the efficient management of IT devices.
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