Miradore helps IT organizations and service providers to cut costs in IT lifecycle management. Learn more about the software’s easy-to-use and intuitive user interface on the videos below! If you are not yet familiar with Miradore as a company, please first watch out our 2-minute company video.

You can view the videos in full screen by clicking the 4-arrow icon in the embedded videos. The demo videos can also be found at www.miradore.com/videos/ – we are constantly creating new videos so please check back time to time.

Any feedback on the videos is highly appreciated!

IT Asset Management (ITAM)

Asset management is the foundation of the Miradore solution. In this demo video, you will learn about Miradore’s IT asset management features, such as reporting, inventory information collection, connector data (location, organisation, responsible person), etc.

Software Asset Management (SAM)

This video demonstrates Miradore’s software asset management (SAM) and license management features.

Configuration Management (CM)

This video demonstrates how Miradore-managed Windows computers can be remotely installed or re-installed without physically touching the devices, and how software can be deployed to managed devices.

Endpoint Backup

In this video you will learn how IT departments can use Miradore Endpoint Backup to implement a company-wide backup policy. It also introduces the end-users’ self-service user interface and shows how end-users can monitor backup status, restore files from the backup, and even create their own backup configurations for their personal files.

Web Services

Miradore can be integrated with almost any information system – this video demonstrates how Miradore web services work.

Connector for Microsoft SCCM

If you already use Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager, Miradore brings a lot of additional value for full asset lifecycle management. The data from SCCM can be easily imported to Miradore, and this videos shows how it works in practice.

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Paul Palojärvi

Paul Palojärvi

Co-founder & VP at Miradore Ltd
Paul Palojärvi is one of the founders of Miradore and leads its cloud business. Paul has almost 20 years’ experience in developing and implementing IT solutions in Europe, North America, and Asia. Paul has extensive experience leading international teams and has successfully led more than 20 global IT development projects, generating cost-efficiency and enhanced productivity. | LinkedIn
Paul Palojärvi