We’ve been saying that remote configuration, secure containers and silent software installations are just around the corner for a while now. First of all, apologies for the optimistic schedule. And second: the wait is finally over!

With our most recent release, you’ll get to do exactly what it says above: configure e-mail and other settings remotely, set up a secure container called the work profile, and silently install apps on any device running Android 5.0 or later. The managed Google Play store also allows you to create a layout for your company app store and enable your users to install approved apps as a self-service. In short, it’s full-fledged MAM.

What’s more, on Android 7 Nougat and later, you can set up a separate passcode for the work profile, enabling true BYOD. Rest assured that work contacts, e-mails and other data will not leak through, for example, private instant messaging apps.

Requirements and features

Here’s a quick summary of some of the fantastic things the Work Profile solution set allows us to do.


  • Enterprise Plan subscription or trial
  • Miradore Online client 2.4.0 installed to the devices
  • Devices are running Android 5.0 or newer

Main features:

  • Create a secure container for work data and remotely manage the container
  • Separate private applications from work applications
  • Approve managed Google Play applications and manage company licenses
  • Configure application settings and runtime permissions, for example, deny camera usage
  • Silently deploy approved applications to devices
  • Create your own managed Google Play store and let users install approved company applications
  • Deploy work profile restrictions
  • Deploy a separate passcode for work applications and profile

More to come

Now that the first step is done, we’ll be working on making it even better. The personal device use case is covered with the work profile, and next up is the work managed device use case. If your company or your customers buy their own, watch this space. In the very near future we’ll be able to extend the functionality that’s now in the work profile to the entire device – the MAM, including the managed Google Play store and app configuration, and e-mail setup. Furthermore, you’ll be able to lock down and configure many device settings, such as force GPS, and enrollment will be as easy as showing a fresh device an NFC tag.

How do I get started?

The functionality is available for all Miradore Online Enterprise Plan subscribers. All you need to get started is a Google account. Once you’ve got one, follow the instructions here to set things up, and then follow the rest of the documentation here.

For our Free and Business plan users, just enable your Enterprise Plan trial and you can try it out for 14 days, no commitments. If you’ve already used up your trial period, give us a shout. We’ll hook you up with another. And if you’re not a user yet, get started now! It only takes a minute to have your first device enrolled.

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