November has been a busy month for Miradore Online: at the moment we get over 100 new registrations every week. Here is a quick overview on what is going on at our end.

Device Tagging

A while ago, we introduced a feature called device tagging. While not sounding much, tagging devices is actually quite useful as it enables all kinds of new ways to use Miradore Online. You can use tagging to group devices according to their usage, role, status, or properties, to name some.

Device tagging screenshot

Device tagging screenshot

For example, if the screen of an employee’s phone is damaged and he/she gets a new device, the old phone could be left in the office as “Test device” with an additional tag “Cracked screen”.

You can manage tags in Devices view, Device page and reports. Read our article about Device tagging for more information.

Selective Wipe

We have received lots of inquiries about selective wipe. It basically means that all company specific data, such as files, configurations and access, is removed from a device, while leaving any personal data on the device intact. This is useful in many BYOD implementations, for example, when company data needs to be erased from a personal device.

In Miradore Online, similar behavior can be achieved by unenrolling the device from Miradore Online. During the unenrollment, all deployed configuration profiles are removed from the device (e.g. email, WiFi).

For instructions and platform specific details about unenrolling a device, see How to unenroll a device.

Get Ready for Business Plan

Business plan will be the first of our soon-to-be-available subscription plans. Features and benefits:

  • Priority Support
  • Unlimited # of admins (Note! Free version will be limited to one admin per site)
  • Alerts and notifications by email
  • Event log
  • API | REST Service for integrations


See Plans & Pricing for more information.

Upcoming Wednesday Webinars

Last month, we began hosting webinars related to the use of Miradore Online. The story continues and here’s the schedule:

WED 2014-11-26 12:00-12:30 EET: Tagging, my reports and the web service: how to make the most out of your data. Register here!

And again later on the same day at 1:00 PM – 1:30 PM PST for those in the American time zones. Register here!

WED 2014-12-10 12:00-12:30 EET: Secure your environment: How to manage policies and make sure your devices are safe and secure with Miradore Online. Register here!

And again later on the same day at 1:00 PM – 1:30 PM PST for those in the American time zones. Register here!


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