Miradore 3.6.2

Miradore 3.6.2 is a minor version upgrade that contains five minor improvements and nine bug fixes. Please see the updates below – you can find full details by downloading the release notes (registration required).

Download the software update on our Support Site (registration required)

Product brochures and system requirements

Please find the updated product brochures at Downloads page. Mobile Device Management features by mobile OS version can be found on the MDM features datasheet.

See System requirements and version specific Upgrade notes from the Miradore product guide for more information.


Changes in mobile platform support

Support for the Symbian platform has been discontinued. Symbian devices can still be managed with Miradore, but the technical support and development for the platform have been ended due to an insignificant number of devices in the system.

This allows us to concentrate on the core platforms for Miradore’s Mobile Device Management: Google Android, Apple iOS and Windows Phone.

android ios win8

Paul Palojärvi

Paul Palojärvi

Co-founder & VP at Miradore Ltd
Paul Palojärvi is one of the founders of Miradore and leads its cloud business. Paul has almost 20 years’ experience in developing and implementing IT solutions in Europe, North America, and Asia. Paul has extensive experience leading international teams and has successfully led more than 20 global IT development projects, generating cost-efficiency and enhanced productivity. | LinkedIn
Paul Palojärvi