Miradore 3.5.4 released

Miradore license key service
Miradore Configuration Management 3.5.4 and Miradore MSP Console 1.3.0 introduce Miradore license key service to ease the management of Miradore licenses. Miradore license key service is set up in the Miradore MSP Console. The service allows automatic updating of Miradore licenses for such Miradore Configuration Management instances, which have been registered into Miradore MSP Console. Use of Miradore license key service is optional and existing functionality for acquiring Miradore licenses is not affected.

Endpoint Backup 5.2.1
New version of Endpoint Backup client includes support for delta copying Microsoft Outlook archive files, and possibility to restore backups made from user’s other devices.

Delta copying allows that only changed parts of Microsoft Outlook archive files (Personal Storage Table, PST files) are copied from backup source to destination. This conserves network bandwidth usage as size of the PST files can be up to several gigabytes.

Backup from other devices feature enables that backed up files can be restored from any device that the end-user has active backup jobs for (using Endpoint Backup GUI).

Asset data mismatch reporting
New asset data mismatch feature compares manually maintained asset data to automatically collected inventory information and helps keeping, for instance, asset’s location and responsible person up-to-date. With the help of asset data mismatch feature, quality of the asset data can be improved. Mismatching asset data can be examined in the Asset data mismatch view as well as on the Asset configuration form.

8 minor improvements & 8 bug fixes.

Miradore Configuration Management 3.5.4. release notes and
Miradore MSP Console 1.3.0 Miradore support and release notes
We recommend to upgrade existing environments.

If you need any assistance with upgrade planning or scheduling please contact us using our support web site


Upcoming changes in system requirements

In Q4/2013 Miradore will release a version of the product which requires Windows Server 2008 R2 or newer as the server platform and SQL Server 2008 or newer as the database. Support for Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2005 will be discontinued.

The reasons for the new minimum requirements include the adoption of the .NET 4.5 framework which is required for some of the new features included in the upcoming Miradore product releases.

For any questions, please contact Miradore support.

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