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Launching a new Shared iPad feature for multi-user devices

2 min read

We’re excited to introduce a new Apple feature, Shared iPad, for multi-user devices. The feature enables Miradore users to assign and configure one tablet to support multiple users while maintaining security and privacy.

At a time when many businesses are focused on cutting costs, this feature is a major asset to companies, particularly those in the education, healthcare, and logistics industries, where single devices shared by multiple users are particularly common. Sharing devices results in cost savings and helps companies maximize the utilization of their existing fleet of devices.

“The ability to offer this new feature will not only help small-to-midsize businesses (SMBs) run at their most efficient and profitable, but also schools, healthcare institutions, and more,” said Simo Salmensuu, CEO of Miradore. “Whether it’s students using shared tablets to conduct research and complete in-class assignments, healthcare professionals using shared tablets to check-in patients or review medical histories, or employees working in shifts to check inventories, access files, read email, or use specific work-related applications, shared iPads have extensive capabilities that can help individuals of all kinds stay safe and efficient online for a low cost.”

Miradore supports two different modes for shared iPads: user session and temporary session. By signing in with their Managed Apple IDs, users can start a personalized user session on the device and securely access iCloud data or administrator-approved applications. For temporary sessions, users sign into the iPad without credentials as guests, and after logging out all their data is removed. Customers can configure one tablet to support one or both modes simultaneously.

The Shared iPad feature is available in the Premium plan, and it is supported for iOS 9.3 (Apple School Manager) and iOS 13.4 (Apple Business Manager).


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