Ever had a chance to work with Finnish IT professionals? If so, you’ll doubtless agree that they’re a very smart bunch of individuals. Yet, like many talented people they also have some very amusingly eccentric quirks. (And let’s face it, we should know because as Finnish IT pros we have them too.) So, to celebrate the amazing men and women who gave the world Linux and made Nokia great, we thought it would be fun to showcase some of the unique traits, which make Finnish IT pros so special.

1. They’re not shocked to find Symbian smartphones still in use.


2. “Silicon Valley” level awkwardness remains their baseline for presentation skills.


3. They’re secretly ashamed of each other’s English accents.


4. They always escape when people play office politics around who gets which weeks off in summer.


5. But they’ve also learned just how much they can get away with during those slow weeks in July.


6. They know people who’ve worked with Linux longer than almost anyone else.

7. Having learned to program due to the Finnish winter, they don’t always notice summer before it’s over. And if they do notice, they complain about the never-setting sun interfering with their nightly hacking hobbies.

Do you know anyone matching this description? If it’s you, be sure to let us know of any other endearing traits we might have missed out. Or if it’s one of us here at Miradore (well, perhaps it’s all of us – we’re not telling!), hope you’ll put up with the eccentricity, as long as we carry on innovating to the standard for which Finnish IT is world- renowned!

Thomas Nybergh

Thomas Nybergh

Thomas Nybergh is a writer with a passion for mobile technology and user-centred design. He has spent nearly a decade working at the crossroads of technology and marketing and now spends far too much time on the internet helping to make it tick.
Thomas Nybergh