Miradore Secure email is a new, additional application for iOS devices and is available as an add-on module to the Miradore Online Enterprise Plan. Secure email provides access to Exchange email and contacts, and allows users to store business data such as contracts and other attachments inside the app, access data via a secure browser, and scan documents with a camera.

The key feature of the app is that data, such as contracts and other business documents, as well as Exchange contacts, are protected inside the app and cannot be accessed by other apps, such as social media messengers, unless expressly authorized. This separation of business and private data is a key factor for BYOD or personal-use enabled work devices. For added protection, all emails, contacts and other data are encrypted inside the app and can be protected by a passcode, separate from the device passcode.

Miradore Secure email is configured remotely, and the user only has to enter his or her password. The app can be remotely removed, in which case all the data is removed with it.

The app was developed in partnership with Munich-based technology firm Virtual Solution.

For more information, please visit https://www.miradore.com/resource/secure-email-for-ios/ or contact us.



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