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27th of November, 2018 2 min read

Release of Miradore Management Suite 5.0.0

With over 45 improvements, our recently released Miradore Management Suite (MMS) version 5.0.0 includes several significant changes.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Even more powerful analytics, with easier creation of dashboards
  • Manage Windows 10 version updates remotely with MMS
  • Miradore clients now support firewall-friendly WebSocket connectivity making the connections faster and Miradore setups easier in cloud environments

Below are a few of the improvements we’ve made to MMS in greater detail:


A widget gallery to simplify the creation of dashboards

MMS 5.0.0 comes with a library of prebuilt dashboard widgets which make it easier to create new dashboards. Users can simply pick ready-made widgets to their dashboards and customize the widgets to suit their needs. Also, the reuse of users’ custom widgets is now easier than before because it is possible to copy widgets from one dashboard to another.

Miradore Management Suite dashboards


Support for managing Windows 10 version updates

Miradore’s patch management feature now supports Windows 10 version updates. This means administrators can monitor and control Windows 10 updates with MMS.



Automation tasks can now change asset statuses

With the help of automation actions, Miradore can now be configured to automatically update the status of assets that are included in a specific report builder report. You can, for example, define an automated action which changes the status of an asset back to “Active” from “Withdrawn from service” if the device comes back online after it was withdrawn from use.


Improved client communications

MMS uses TCP protocol to send client wake-ups by default, but administrators can now configure the system to use WebSocket as the primary communication protocol. The biggest benefit of using the WebSocket is network compatibility. The WebSocket communications protocol is especially beneficial for cloud environments because it is designed to work over HTTP, eliminating the need to open and use the TCP port for the client-server communications.


Improvements to Miradore setup process

Administrators can now install a Miradore client on the Miradore server when running Miradore installer. This helps to get started in managing devices because you will instantly see how managed devices look like when you log in to the system for the first time.


For the full list and descriptions of improvements – and bug fixes – please refer to the complete Release Notes available here.

Our commitment to upgrading MMS for the benefit of improving our customers’ experience is in part the result of several of our customers’ belief in the product over the years. At our annual customer conference, held last week November 15-16 in Helsinki, we delivered special recognition to clients Fujitsu and Walki for their use of MMS since nearly the product’s inception. We are grateful that clients such as Fujitsu and Walki have continued to put their trust in Miradore via their continued use of MMS.

How has MMS been working for you? Let us know!

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