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Device Management Blog

Helping you to understand the essentials of mobile device management, enterprise mobility management, and unified endpoint management.

3 min read

How BYOD Changes Total Cost of Ownership Calculations

Automation, self-service innovations, and the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) model are hugely affecting IT asset management and related costs. The traditional way of calculating Total Cost…

3 min read

MDM Can Make Your Small Business More Profitable

Running a small business can be tricky: everything from tax codes to the duties of employers are usually constructed with the industrial era, big corporations…

3 min read

4 Reasons Why MDM Is a Must for Small Business

The use of smartphones and tablets is rapidly growing in many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) because handheld devices are easy to use wherever needed,…

3 min read

Things to Consider When Choosing a Mobile Device for Your Business

Your company may already have a flexible mobile device program in place, such as BYOD or CYOD, but as OEMs launch new models and consumer/employee preferences change,…

5 min read

How to Stay GDPR-Compliant with Mobile Device Management

For any business or organization operating in Europe, May 25 2018 was an urgent deadline. The GDPR, while a huge win for consumer rights and…

3 min read

The ELD Mandate for Trucking Companies

The ELD Mandate is a safety initiative, no doubt. It’s also about eliminating $1.6 billion in paperwork costs. What is it? The electronic logging device (ELD)…

3 min read

MDM Makes Employees’ Phones More Secure – and Your Life Easier

Whether it’s about making the most of our free service or using the heavy-duty advanced Premium plan, we want you to know about all the…

2 min read

5 Ways MDM Puts Security First

No matter how small or large your organization, data and device security is more important than ever. Whether the company owns the entire fleet of…