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Device Management Blog

Helping you to understand the essentials of mobile device management, enterprise mobility management, and unified endpoint management.

2 min read

What’s new in Windows 11 and should you upgrade?

Microsoft released Windows 11 officially on October 4. Discover what’s new in Windows 11 and whether you should upgrade to the new OS version.

2 min read

Now you can add Macs manually to Apple Business Manager with Apple Configurator

The newly released Apple Configurator for iPhone allows administrators to add non-DEP purchased Macs to Apple Business Manager.

4 min read

How to manage a mobile point of sale (mPOS) using MDM and why?

Discover how Mobile Device Management (MDM) can help in implementing a mobile point of sale (mPOS) and managing the risks associated with it.

6 min read

Patch Management: Benefits, Process, and Best Practices

Learn all the essentials and best practices of patch management: what is it, what are the benefits, and how to automate it Miradore.

7 min read

Hard Drive and Full Disk Encryption: What, Why, and How?

When highly sensitive information, such as customer or otherwise work-related information, is handled with a laptop or desktop computer, data security should be on top…

12 min read

What is MDM? A Complete Guide to Mobile Device Management

In the early 2000, the use of mobile devices started to increase in businesses. Since then, it has been steadily growing, and mobile devices have…

5 min read

Migrating to Android Enterprise from the Deprecating Device Administrator

Google is phasing out Android Device Administrator to provide a more secure and flexible way to manage Android devices, and therefore, businesses must move to Android Enterprise promptly.

3 min read

Separate Work Time from Free Time with Android Work Profile

Nowadays work-related tasks, like answering emails or taking conference calls, are often handled with mobile devices. This easily blurs the line between work and free…

2 min read

Tips for Taking Care of Your Employees’ Unmanaged Home Office Devices

With the COVID-19 outbreak causing much of the world to suddenly work from home, many employees have simply found themselves using whatever hardware and peripherals…

2 min read

Tackling the Most Common Challenges with Windows and macOS Management

The increasing decentralization of employees, whether in the home office or in the field, poses far-reaching challenges for companies. Companies have to not only ensure…