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Miradore now supports Kiosk mode for all Android devices

1 min read

The much-awaited feature, Kiosk mode for Android, has just been released in Miradore. The new feature enables IT administrators to turn Android devices into Single App Kiosk mode and deny the users from changing device settings or turning off the device.

Previously, Miradore has provided Kiosk mode for Samsung and iOS devices, but from now on, Kiosk mode is available for all Android devices running Android 9 or above.

With Miradore’s configuration profiles, you can lock down the device into a single application and define which UI features are visible to the device users (e.g. home button, notification area, recent apps, and keyguard). Additionally, you can set up various restrictions for device usage, such as:

  • Disable volume adjusting
  • Disable factory reset
  • Disable safe booting
  • Disable screen off timeout configuration

Kiosk mode is a useful feature for any type of company — restaurant, retail store, educational institution, or transportation company — looking to control the usage of devices that might have multiple users.

For more information about configuring the Kiosk mode for Android and the system and other requirements, please click here.

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