Dear Miradore Online user,

We have released the following improvements to Miradore Online:

Application Programming Interface (API)
Miradore Online API is a REST based web service which is intended for integrating Miradore Online with external information systems. The API is used over HTTPS with GET method to export data directly from Miradore Online’s database in XML format.

Push Notifications for Windows Phone 8.1
Miradore Online now supports WNS (Windows Push Notification Service). WNS enables instant wakeups instead of relying on scheduled server connections. Due to the change, security actions and configuration profiles are now instantly delivered to Windows Phone 8.1 devices as per request. Unfortunately, Windows Phone 8.0 does not support WNS. Therefore, Windows Phone 8.0 devices still rely on scheduled connections.

Best regards,
Miradore Online Team
Email: at miradore dot com

Esa Hietikko

Esa Hietikko

Content Manager at Miradore Ltd
Esa Hietikko has been working for Miradore since 2010 when he joined our team to complete his traineeship. Now he holds a M.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Eastern Finland, and works as a Content Manager for Miradore. | LinkedIn
Esa Hietikko