This week we added a couple of much requested features to Miradore Online:

  1. Role based permissions management, and
  2. All device locations showing on a zoomable map


Role based permissions management

While managing the whole Miradore Online site themselves, Admins are now able to share operational device management tasks to users in Editor role. Editors cannot modify the service settings, including the subscription and user permissions. Their access can also be limited to only devices tagged with certain tags. Role based permissions management is available in the Enteprise plan.

All device locations on a zoomable map

We also added a zoomable map for showing locations of multiple devices on a map simultaneously. Devices reporting their coordinates via location tracking are marked with a blue pin whereas devices with manually entered location data are marked with a grey pin. This feature is available in Business and Enterprise plans.

2015-03-26 newsletter

These new features are available to the subscribers of Miradore Online Business or Miradore Online Enterprise. To update your subscription, log in and click Upgrade. There are no commitments so you can downgrade at any time!


If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at

Map and pins picture credit: Flickr, Creative Commons / Hannah Simmonds

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