We recently attended the MSP World Spring 2017 event in New Orleans, Louisiana. A big thank you to MSP Alliance for making it all happen, and of course, to every one of you awesome people we had the privilege to meet on our stand.

Compared to the previous year’s event and the one in Las Vegas in Fall 2016, the winds seem to be changing a bit. Read on to learn some of the focus points we took home from the event.


1. Managing mobile devices is moving from nice-to-have to must-have


As opposed to the previous events where we still saw RMM and traditional IT systems management as the cornerstone, this event marked a notable change in the focus. While RMM was still talked about, just about everyone we spoke to had mobile devices on top of their mind. Previously, it was seen as an “on the horizon” thing. Well, the horizon seems to have arrived, and MSPs are in need of Enterprise Mobility Management right here and now — especially in regulated markets such as health care with HIPAA. Are your customers in health care? Check out our webinar on HIPAA compliance with our partner, VCPI showcasing their use of Miradore Online.


2. People are locked into contracts


At the Las Vegas event, we talked to a lot of our competitors’ customers who were unhappy with their support but were locked into a contract of several years. This continues to be a trend. Smaller players especially seem to be facing a lot of trouble regarding both tech support and getting the stuff you need implemented in management solutions.

Worry not, however. Even if you didn’t already come talk to us at the event, the Miradore Rescue Program is made just for you. We help you with your license costs, and replace your existing solution with a working and supported one. No risk, no hassle. Get in touch with us for more information.


3. Security is as important as ever


As the legislative pressure increases, MSPs are facing more and more liability for data breaches and security. Cryptoviruses are also a very simple but efficient threat to company data. And interestingly, according to Special Agent Brent Watkins, 85% of the critical intrusion threats can be addressed simply with patching. And we agree. A lot of you were keen on this, so while you’re at it, see how we are already helping Fujitsu automate their efforts in patch management.


NOPD police sedan spray painted "I love you", tires slashed

According to one Louisiana native we asked, this picture truly captures something unique about the New Orleans spirit.
Photo by Corey Balazowich.


4. The economy is recovering, but you have to be price conscious


The new presidency gathered a lot of diverse and mostly strong opinions, but everyone agreed that regardless, customers are feeling hopeful and ready to make investments in services. A good thing for everyone, but something that still lingers from the tougher times is price consciousness. And a nice thing that you confirmed what we already knew, our pricing is very competitive in the market. As Gartner says, most customers only use about 10% of the capabilities of their EMM solutions, and we aim to satisfy the 90% of you. Register today and try our Enterprise plan for free for 14 days. And if you don’t need all of that, our free plan carries that name for a reason. It’s free and will keep on being so. Secure your devices today.

Once more, big thanks to everyone who participated in the event. The quality of the speakers was excellent, and it seems like we have a great match with the MSP market over in the US. See you next time!

Title image by Christian Senger.

Thomas Nybergh

Thomas Nybergh

Thomas Nybergh is a writer with a passion for mobile technology and user-centred design. He has spent nearly a decade working at the crossroads of technology and marketing and now spends far too much time on the internet helping to make it tick.
Thomas Nybergh