As Miradore continues to grow, we’re always looking for super talented new employees to help provide even better service for our clients. With this in mind, we’ve recently recruited Jeremy Allen and Cassandra Saikkonen as Customer Service Representatives. To give you unique insight into the way we work, we’re going to follow their journey towards becoming mobile device management pros.

Learning the basics of MDM

As Cassandra and Jeremy immerse themselves in the world of MDM, they are quickly learning the ins and outs. For them, MDM is a totally new concept – in fact, neither of them had even heard of it before they joined the Miradore team. Despite coming from different fields, they were, however, clued up on the importance of mobile security. “It is well known that there’s an increasing demand by employees to use their own device in order to access the corporate network. So, of course, BYOD did cross my mind, as did accessing sensitive company data. What happens if it gets lost? Or if that information ends up in the wrong hands?” Cassandra explains.


There’s no doubt that the importance of MDM is quickly becoming clear to both of them. “Now that I work for an IT company, it makes me realize how important it is for an enterprise to use MDM for so many reasons. Starting with the fact that you can protect devices, enforcing passcodes, encryption. Having complete control over the device, manage apps, creation of customs reports so you have a real time visibility into your company´s mobile device environment and much more,” says Cassandra. After thinking about the costs versus benefits of tools he’s used in the past, Jeremy is impressed with the level of service that Miradore offers. “Mobile devices are not cheap, and then considering the price of monthly plans and data charges. It’s a very significant expense for any company. By locating even one misplaced device over the course of a year, or managing data usage on your fleet, the cost of an MDM solution is often negated by reducing the amount spent on your mobile assets. The fact that Miradore’s service is offered for free is mind-blowing — but it’s true that both of the paid solutions more than pay for themselves as well,” he explains.

Complexity made simple

What’s more, the two are just as impressed with the beautiful simplicity of MDM. Cassandra is big fan of the simple but incredibly useful lock and wipe feature for lost or stolen devices, and Jeremy is loving how user-friendly the interface is, something which allows him to experiment and learn as he goes.

Fitting in with the Finns

Learning the ups and downs of MDM aren’t all that Cassandra and Jeremy are learning. As non-Finns, they’re both learning to navigate Finnish working culture. Cassandra, originally from Mexico, was surprised by how different working culture in her home country and Finland are, telling us “In Mexico, you have a fixed schedule and you need to stick to it, no more, no less. There is no flexibility.” She also enjoys Finland’s flat hierarchy, saying “It’s normal to have a coffee break with the CEO or the Co-founder of the company, while in Mexico it might take you 3 or 4 months to say hi or even meet them.”

Jeremy, who is Canadian, has found the Finnish working environment to be somewhat familiar already. He recognizes more similarities (“love of hockey”) than differences (“who’s better at hockey”). For him, the biggest surprise so far has been how early Finns head out to lunch. “I was shocked when at 10:30 am, people started to make plans to go for lunch! I must say, my digestive system is adapting, and I do find myself going for lunch before noon these days,” he says.


When it comes to Finnish working culture, both Cassandra and Jeremy agree that the level of teamwork, passion, and efficiency are unparalleled. “We are all after a common goal, and we do whatever we possibly can to help each other out,” Cassandra points out. “I’m impressed by the open communication style, the straightforwardness of everyone and the ease of making decisions.  There aren’t any politics in the work day, just a lot of people doing whatever is needed to make something work!” adds Jeremy.

Looking forward

As Cassandra and Jeremy continue their journeys toward becoming MDM pros, they both look forward to learning everything they can. Naturally, it takes time, but we think they are the fast track to becoming total pros and we are proud that both are already setting goals for themselves. So what do they hope to learn in the next month? Cassandra is eager to dive into kiosk mode – “It has caught my attention since Day 1, since it’s a very popular request,” she says – and Jeremy is hoping to acquire enough knowledge to be able to give complete demonstrations of the tool.

We’ll check back with Cassandra and Jeremy in a month to see how they’re progressing, so stay tuned! In the meantime, we’d just like to say how impressed we are with how well they are handling their new positions. MDM can have a steep learning curve for those new to its complexities, but these two are doing just fine.

Simo Kari

Simo Kari

CMO at Miradore Ltd
Simo Kari has been the CMO for Miradore since 2014. Prior to joining Miradore in 2013 he worked several years in various management positions in HCL Technologies and UPM. He has versatile experience in developing, implementing, and operating IT services in international environments. Simo holds an MSc. from University of Liverpool. | LinkedIn
Simo Kari