Miradore 3.8.0 Introduces BYOD Improvements

For little over a year now, we’ve been developing Miradore Online, our free cloud-based Mobile Device Management service, alongside Miradore IT lifecycle management solution. With the release of Miradore 3.8.0, we’re now proud to announce the first step in integrating these two into a unified solution.

Miradore 3.8.0 includes the following improvements:

Miradore Online integration

With the Miradore Online integration in place, it is possible to import asset data, for example, hardware inventory, software inventory, user, and location information, from Miradore Online to your Miradore instance, and extend the mobile management capabilities of Miradore.

Report builder

Miradore Report builder can be used to create and store custom reports in Miradore management console. Custom reports are useful when Miradore built-in reports are not suited for a specific need. Benefits of the Miradore Report builder include:

  • Ability to select all kind of attributes to reports
  • Advanced filtering: build expressions with logical conditions and grouping
  • Exporting large amounts of data with better performance


Self-service device enrollment

In addition to Windows users, OS X users can now enroll devices to Miradore as a self-service. The self-service enrollment is useful when device acquisitions are not handled by IT departments, but instead, users purchase and bring their own devices.

Login to Miradore Support and downloads portal for the detailed list of improvements and to download the update.

For any questions, please email support@miradore.com.

Miradore Online Business Edition

We recently released Business edition for Miradore Online. The Business edition introduces features desired by business users, but the free edition remains as the free cloud-based MDM service as before.

The benefits of Business edition include:

  • Email notifications of important changes and events: Miradore Online can be configured to inform you about different device states, security issues and actions taken by administrators and users.
  • Share the work between administrators: The Business edition enables you to add an unlimited number of administrators to Miradore Online.
  • Integration and data export: All data from Miradore Online reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel for building your own reports and analysis. You can also integrate Miradore Online to any other system using the REST service interface.
  • Priority support: Miradore Support team responds within the next business day to any issues of Business edition customers.

Login and upgrade now for only US$0.50 per device/month. No strings attached, no long-term commitments. Starting and ending the use of Business edition is easy!

If you haven’t yet tried Miradore Online, just try out the very capable free version now:

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