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Mobile device management helps you stay safe against cybercrime and comply with NIS2

3 min read

Jere Jutila

As cyber threats become more sophisticated, the European Union is stepping up its efforts to protect critical infrastructure and digital services. The Network and Information Security Directive 2 (NIS2) aims to ensure businesses across the EU are better prepared to handle these challenges. Understanding and complying with NIS2 is essential for safeguarding your organization and maintaining regulatory compliance.

What is the NIS2?

The deadline for national implementation of NIS2 is drawing near. By October 17, 2024, NIS2 must be included in national laws, with the regulations taking effect the following day. NIS2 replaces the original NIS directive and expands its scope to include new operators and industries.

NIS2 mandates that businesses operating in the EU, such as digital service providers (DSPs) and operators of essential services (OES)*, must abide by its regulations.

This directive, which establishes the minimal standards that entities must adhere to in order to guarantee cyber security, is comparable to a rulebook. Consider it a set of rules that DSPs and OESs must abide by to safeguard their users and themselves against online dangers.

Because these regulations are mandated by law, violating them can carry serious consequences, such as heavy fines and damage to one's reputation. On top of that, breaking the rules can have more terrible personal effects, like preventing oneself from receiving essential healthcare services.

What NIS2 expects from organizations

Stay Safe

Organizations must take steps to keep their computer systems and networks safe from hackers and cyber-attacks. This includes secure passwords, updating software, and having contingency plans in place.

Report issues

If a cyber attack or significant IT issue occurs, organizations are required to inform the appropriate authorities. This collaboration helps mitigate the problem and prevents future incidents.

Work Together

NIS2 promotes collaboration among organizations, governments, and other entities to share cyber threat intelligence and support one another's online safety efforts.

 What are the requirements of the NIS2 directive?  

NIS2 emphasizes risk management and cybersecurity, affecting how businesses manage their IT assets and asset lifecycle to maintain the dependability of their critical infrastructure and achieve regulatory compliance. It's crucial to know which devices are in use, why they are being used, and who is using them. Enhanced device registry data from device management tools is essential for automatically responding to new lost or decommissioned devices.

Given the prevalence of mobile devices in remote work, accessing sensitive information, and facilitating communication, securing these devices is critical.

How can Miradore help you meet NIS2 requirements?

Device Security

Miradore enforces security policies on mobile devices, such as encryption, screen lock requirements, and makes sure needed applications, such as endpoint protection agents, are installed - ensuring compliance with NIS2's security standards.

Miradore - 1 business policies


Miradore - 2 device compliant



Miradore restricts access to sensitive information, separates personal and business usage, prevents copying information between personal and business applications, and enhances your security posture.

Miradore - 3 add config profile


Compliance, Visibility and Remote Management

Miradore reporting features provides real-time visibility into your organization's device, software, and policy compliance. As part of NIS2's emphasis on continuous risk management, this helps you to swiftly detect and resolve security vulnerabilities.

Miradore - 4 dashboard


Incident Response

NIS2 mandates prompt reactions to security incidents. Miradore remote management features, including remote wipe, lock, and locate, enable quick actions to secure compromised devices and safeguard data.


Miradore - 5 device


Patch management

Miradore automated patch management updates operating systems and software, protecting devices from vulnerabilities and maintaining compliance with continuous risk management requirements.

Miradore - 6 patch


Overall, NIS2 is all about making sure that the systems we rely on every day stay safe, secure, and operational. It's like having a safety net to catch any cyber threats before they cause damage. With Miradore, complying with NIS2 is simple and straightforward, allowing you to focus on your core business while ensuring robust cybersecurity measures are in place.

Miradore: Simplifying Compliance

Navigating the complexities of NIS2 can be challenging, but Miradore is here to help. Our solutions make it easy for you to secure mobile devices, manage risks, and ensure your organization meets all regulatory requirements. You can trust Miradore to support your journey towards a safer, more secure digital environment.


*Operators of essential services (OES) are entities in sectors such as energy, transport, banking, financial market infrastructures, health, drinking water supply, and digital infrastructure that are essential for the maintenance of critical societal and economic activities. Digital service providers (DSPs) are entities that provide online marketplaces, online search engines, and cloud computing services. 
Jere Jutila Author background

by Jere Jutila

Jere works as a Business Development Director at Miradore and has over 20 years of experience in IT management. Before joining Miradore in 2006, he worked with IT infrastructure management in a global enterprise. Jere is passionate about making modern work and mobility work better for everyone.