Can you remember when you last signed an actual paper slip when you got a delivery? If so, cherish that memory, as paper in logistics will very soon be a thing of the past. The logistic industry is rapidly turning to mobile devices and applications to manage supply chains, enabling companies to track orders in real time. Read on to discover why there’s never been a better time for logistics companies to go mobile.

1. You’ll improve your service, yet save money

The customers are the immediate winners of going mobile. Instead of sifting through vendors’ websites in an office and asking for quotes and lead times by phone, they can simply use mobile apps connected to global data networks. Product specifications, features and availability can be checked anytime, from anywhere.
But it’s not just the ordering that becomes easier and more efficient. As mobile devices are used to scan barcodes, read RFID tags, collect orders and build shipment manifests, stock amounts and shipping statuses become visible in real time. This means much speedier shipping and handling, yet with less chance for human error.


While in the pen-and-paper past we had nothing but a cargo manifest and a departure date to show for a shipped order, mobile devices make it possible to track each and every transport’s progress. Routes can be analysed, verified and optimized, and we can trace back the entire journey of a shipment in case of a customer complaint. What’s more, customers can view their own deliveries’ tracking information online, lightening the workload of customer service professionals.

In short, the arrival of mobile devices lets companies provide better, more transparent customer service at a lower cost.

2. You can have better smart devices cheaper than ever

The rise of the smartphone is the latest trend in logistics. While custom rugged devices and online systems have been popular for some time, generic smartphones are available at just a fraction of the cost of a dedicated device. On top of this, a wisely chosen off-the-shelf smartphone can easily handle a drop or two on the warehouse floor.

best device inventory

Companies like Cerasis and ABF Freight offer mobile apps for quoting rates, scheduling pickups, and even tracking shipments and their location via GPS. You’ll find off-the-shelf solutions for warehouse management, too. In 2013, two of the five best inventory management solutions published by Forbes already supported the iPad, so just imagine the options available today. In today’s world of ubiquitous technology, cost and availability are no longer barriers to going mobile.

3. You’ll enjoy added security and complete control

Now that you’re confident keeping track of deliveries, it’s equally crucial to keep track of your new mobile devices. Firstly, you’ll need to know what devices you have, where they are and what purpose they serve. Secondly, you’ll have to provide them with the necessary apps and be able to update them centrally. And then there’s the third and final challenge: how to ensure their security.

Luckily, the three central pillars of the Miradore Online MDM solution – Control, Automate and Secure – answer all these concerns. With MDM, you’ll always have a real time inventory of your devices, their online status and location. Controlling them is a breeze through a single unified dashboard. After taking control, you can categorize your devices and enforce all the needed applications on all the devices that need them, without a single engineer touching a single device. The same solution lets you secure the devices, too – you can rest assured that all your devices are encrypted and have a passcode set. Lost devices can be tracked, or if they can’t be recovered, wiped remotely to make it impossible for outsiders to access critical data impossible. Now how’s that compare to losing your pen and pad?

Join the merry band and optimise your operations

By knowing the exact status of every order, from the moment it’s placed to when the customer electronically signs for it, today’s mobile logistics companies not only improve their customer service, but also quickly identify and fix any bottlenecks in their operations. What’s more, they can use the mobile devices they already have to do this, and manage it all simply and securely with Miradore Online.

To become part of the merry band of successful mobile logistics providers, give Miradore Online a try today. The sign-up is totally free, and within less than an hour you’ll be well on your way to discovering the new logic of global logistics.

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Valtteri Kekki

Valtteri Kekki

CTO at Miradore Ltd
Valtteri Kekki is the CTO of Miradore. He has been with the company since 2011 and is also an experienced software developer. Valtteri holds an M.Sc. in computer science from Lappeenranta University of Technology.
Valtteri Kekki