Lappeenranta, Finland – 18 December, 2012 – Today Miradore introduced a new version of its Miradore Configuration Management solution.

The new features and improvements in Miradore Configuration Management 3.5.0 are shortly summarized below.

Store backups to Endpoint Backup servers
The Endpoint Backup 5.1 backup feature enables to backup and restore data between managed devices and Endpoint Backup server(s) over the Internet using HTTP or HTTPS protocol. This makes it possible to store backup files to cloud instead of local or network file systems. The new backup method has a built-in user authentication support for Microsoft Active Directory-based authentication and Miradore authentication. The latter authentication method allows the Endpoint Backup users to authenticate themselves using Endpoint Backup accounts, which can be created by administrators or as a self service from Endpoint Backup GUI.

In addition, the Endpoint Backup end-user application is now available in 16 languages allowing users to use Endpoint Backup on their preferred language.

Item-based user permissions
In Miradore, user permissions have been traditionally defined by adding a user or user group as a member of a built-in Miradore group. This is a simple and quick way to grant a predefined set of permissions for selected users or user groups. However, when a user or user group is added to some Miradore group, it usually enables multiple new permissions for the user or group, which may not be the intention.

Now, it is possible to use item permissions to grant additional read or write permissions for selected configuration item(s) to selected users or user groups without touching the users’ group memberships. As a result, permissions management can be performed in a more accurate and customizable manner since it’s not necessary to add the user or group to some another user group(s) to grant the desired permissions.

Miradore web service
Miradore web service is a REST-based interface which enables third-party systems and applications to request XML data from Miradore Configuration Management server using HTTP GET method.

25+ minor improvements
35+ bug fixes
Connector updates

All improvements and bug fixes are described in more detail in Miradore Configuration Management 3.5.0 Release Notes.

The new version of Miradore Configuration Management is available for download at Miradore Support & Downloads portal.

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