The major new features and improvements in Miradore Configuration Management 3.3.0 are shortly summarized below.

Software recognition with software catalog
Software catalog brings Miradore an ability to automatically translate inventory information into software titles that properly represent licensed application versions and editions. When a software catalog is used for software recognition in Miradore, the manual configuration of custom software identification rules can be avoided and the level of accuracy and automation of the software identification process are improved.

Endpoint Backup solution
The new version of Miradore’s Endpoint Backup solution for Windows, Linux, and Macintosh computers enables automatic and configurable backing up of local files to a predefined destination at local USB drive, remote file server, or network attached storage (NAS) device. With Endpoint Backup it is possible to define company wide backup configurations for company files or, on the other hand, configure device-specific backup configurations for backing up user’s personal files. In addition, when a backed up file gets lost or corrupted, the device user is able to easily restore the file using Endpoint Backup GUI, which is accessible on all managed computers that have Endpoint Backup feature enabled.

Automatic Windows client enrollment
With the help of client enrollment rules, Miradore can be configured to automatically deploy Miradore’s management client to Windows computers discovered with network discovery or Microsoft Active Directory or antivirus connectors.

System recovery
Miradore’s partition-based system recovery can be used to restore a Windows computer to the state where it was after initial installation if a system crash or other issues would otherwise prevent the normal usage of the computer. The recovery partition that contains the system backup and recovery scripts will be automatically created during the installation if Miradore Create Recovery Partition system package has been included to the initial installation of the computer.

Windows Phone management
Miradore’s Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync connector reads information of Microsoft Exchange-connected devices, mailbox policies, users, and their mailboxes from Exchange server and imports the data to Miradore. In Miradore, the Exchange ActiveSync inventory information is automatically appended to associated configurations items and organized into customizable inventory reports. Based on the collected inventory information, Miradore can be configured to automatically generate new asset configuration items to Miradore for such Windows Phone devices that don’t already have one in Miradore. In addition, from Users view the inventoried Exchange mailbox policies can be assigned onwards to a user or group of users.

Miradore password policy management
With the help of password policy settings, Miradore administrators can enforce Miradore users to change their passwords periodically and control the required password complexity.

19 minor improvements
34 bug fixes

All improvements and bug fixes are described in more detail in Miradore Configuration Management 3.3.0 Release notes.

The new version of Miradore Configuration Management is available for download at Miradore Support & Downloads portal.

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