New features:

User authentication
Renewed user authentication provides new authentication methods and enables centralized user rights management from the MSP Console, as all Miradore accounts and permissions are automatically replicated from Miradore instances to MSP Console and back. Although new authentication methods are provided, the Microsoft Active Directory authentication is still supported.

Installation point reporting
Comprehensive data analysis and reporting features added in order to ensure data synchronization at installation points.

Self service portal
Multi-language support for self service portal allows end-user to select the preferred language of the user interface. The self service portal is now available in: Finnish, German, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish.

Also package advertizing for recently released packages has been added to self service portal.

Printer management
Improved capacity reporting provides more accurate data about printers and printing levels in easy-to-understand graphical from, thus helping to optimize printer utilization. In addition, multiple new printer features can be saved into Miradore.

Other improvements
New Miradore TFTP server integrated to Miradore Configuration Management to improve the performance and reliability of network boot and initial installation.

Connector added for Symantec Endpoint Protection.

MSP Console 1.2 with new user rights management features released.

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