New features:

License management improvements
Improved license management reduces licensing costs and enforces license compliance by allocating purchased software licenses automatically to devices that have licensed software installed and by removing the licenses from the assets that are withdrawn from service.

In addition, the licenses can be allocated to specific asset or user which helps to comply with the software vendors’ complex licensing rules. Also the package distributions can be denied if there aren’t licenses available for licensed software.

New reports provide you extensive information about license compliance, usage of licensed software, and license transactions, thus keeping you on top of license management.

Asset configuration form usability improved
Improved asset configuration form lets you copy asset’s configurations easily to other assets when creating or activating assets. You can also customize assets’ device names and regenerate them automatically based on the properties of the assets.

Operating system reporting
Renewed operating system reporting provides historical information about identified operating systems, and initial installations by operating system.

Multiple connectors updated
AD connector can be used on any device with Windows 2000 or newer installed and it also supports Unicode characters, and importing of groups into Miradore from Active Directory.

WSUS connector supports environment with only one WSUS infrastructure and multiple Miradore instances.

Improved 3 Step IT connector enables exporting of ‘Email address’ and ‘Last logged user name’ attributes from Miradore.

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Miradore provides simple cloud-based solutions for the efficient management of IT devices.
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