Miradore and a Finnish soccer team from Kuopio, Pallokissat, have signed a sponsorship agreement. The aim of the sponsorship is to support women’s and girls’ sports and also gender equality in sports.

Pallokissat is a soccer club for women and girls and is the second largest soccer club in Eastern Finland, featuring over 500 players. The club’s representative team plays in the Women’s League, which is the highest tier of women’s soccer in Finland.

With the opening match on March 24, Pallokissat will start a seventh consecutive season in the premier league. During these seasons, Pallokissat has always ranked in the top six and has won one bronze, in 2014. In addition, they achieved silver in Finland’s main national cup competition, the Finnish Cup, in 2012.

Miradore’s sponsored player in the team is midfielder Anni-Maija “Anttu” Kauppila, who also belongs to Finland’s U23 national team. Despite her young age, she is one of the more experienced players on the team because she has played a key role in Pallokissat throughout the club’s entire history in the top league.

Kauppila is especially known for her skills as a free-kick and corner specialist. Many also remember her from the last match of the season in 2014 when Pallokissat secured the first medal in the club history with Kauppila’s game-winning goal. In 2017, Kauppila was selected by coaches as the most decisive player on the team.


Anni-Maija Kauppila is Miradore's sponsored player

Anni-Maija Kauppila


There is still gender inequality in top-level sports

According to a joint investigation conducted by national public service broadcasting companies in the Nordic countries, the income gap between genders is the largest in ball sports. For example, in soccer, women earn only 4 cents on the euro as compared to men. This is partially a consequence of less coverage of women’s sports in the media; this lack of media visibility impacts not only people’s awareness of women’s sports, but also ticket sales and sponsorship opportunities.

The athletes are also well aware of this inequality. In one of her recent interviews, Anni-Maija Kauppila shed light on the challenges of combining her sports career with education and work.

Further, the captain of the Finnish men’s national soccer team, Tim Sparv, called for better gender equality and more investments in girls’ and women’s sports on International Women’s Day.


We at Miradore highly value these statements from the athletes, and we aim to support gender equality through the sponsorship with Pallokissat. We think the agreement with Pallokissat is well-suited for us because we work closely with small- and medium-sized businesses that aim for success through high operational standards, just like Pallokissat.

In addition, we believe that by supporting women’s sports, we can not only increase awareness of inequality but also build more opportunities for sports to make a greater impact in their communities and with their fans. We also hope that we can encourage other businesses to do the same. Based on our experience, for example, the soccer matches in the Finnish Women’s League are very family-friendly, eventful, and entertaining, making them an excellent opportunity for sponsors. Increased sponsorship, of course, helps these sports grow their fan bases, and everyone benefits.

Soccer, however, isn’t the only sport that Miradore sponsors. Miradore also sponsors basketball teams Catz and Namika from Lappeenranta. Catz is a women’s basketball team which plays in the Women’s Basketball League in Finland, whereas Namika is an organization with a focus on junior basketball.

Additionally, for the second consecutive year, a team from Miradore will also participate in the Yritysmaratonviesti running event on May 25. The Yritysmaratonviesti, or “company marathon relay,” is a fundraising event organized by the Finnish Olympic Committee to support the physical activities of young children.


Miradore's team in company marathon relay running event



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