Miradore Online beta service was updated today with the latest improvements and fixes. Main improvements in this update are:

Configuration profiles

User interface of configuration profiles was redesigned to provide more user friendly way to create and manage the profiles. It is now possible to define user-specific settings, for example, in mailbox configurations. We also added some preconfigured mailbox options to ease the configuration of mailboxes.


Please note! Due to the changes, all existing configuration profiles have been automatically migrated into the new format, but we recommend to check the settings of each configuration profile manually. To do this, open the configuration profiles one by one in edit mode, review the settings, and then save the settings.

Android inventory reporting

Inventory of Android devices was improved to collect a broader set of data including detailed information of camera, display, and battery.


Please note! The inventory improvements require the Miradore Android client version 2.1.0 which is available via Google Play. Inventory of devices running the previous client version will look inconsistent before the update.

Enhancements and bug fixes

In addition, we implemented 14 minor enhancements and 12 bug fixes.

Upcoming features

Our upcoming service updates will include new features such as a user self-enrollment, mass device enrollment, support for Windows Phone, new configuration profiles, and a report builder.

If you have any questions about the service, just reply to this email.

Best regards,
Miradore Online team

Paul Palojärvi

Paul Palojärvi

Co-founder & VP at Miradore Ltd
Paul Palojärvi is one of the founders of Miradore and leads its cloud business. Paul has almost 20 years’ experience in developing and implementing IT solutions in Europe, North America, and Asia. Paul has extensive experience leading international teams and has successfully led more than 20 global IT development projects, generating cost-efficiency and enhanced productivity. | LinkedIn
Paul Palojärvi