The long awaited new major version of iOS 11.3, has been released and is being rolled out in eligible devices around the world. The ARKit, originally released with iOS 11, has received an update for AR enabled applications. For US users, it’s now possible to chat with major businesses via the Business Chat, and Health Records allows users to view their medical records from over 40 health care institutions around the country. Apple has also enabled users to view their battery health from the device settings, and turn off the power management features if they want. To make things a little bit cuter, Apple has also updated some Emojis.

Being a security and privacy conscious company, Apple has also rolled out some additional security features. Whenever private information is needed by Apple, a user is now shown a special screen highlighting the action, no doubt in preparation for GDPR.

As sometimes is the case, not everyone has had a good time after the update, with reports of e.g. devices with 3rd party repaired screens being rendered unusuable. There have been also reports of some MDM vendors having had issues after the update.

Miradore Online has been zero-day compatible with iOS 11.3, and coinciding with Apple’s release, have rolled out our new features of our own.

Contacts as Managed Data

In iOS 11.3, when using the Deny documents from managed sources in unmanaged apps restriction, Exchange contacts for Miradore managed accounts are now treated as managed data. This means that your Exchange contacts cannot be accessed by 3rd party apps installed by the user, such as social media messaging services, effectively bringing you a container for company data.

And with the GDPR enforcement date looming, this is important!

Update Control

We recently released support for forcing iOS updates, but iOS11.3 also brings with it the long-awaited capability to delay those updates.

You can delay the visibility of an iOS update up to 90 days for all your Apple DEP-enrolled devices running 11.3 or later.

New Restrictions for Increased Security for Networks and Data

Apple has been accommodating user needs with new restrictions available in recent iOS versions. We’re glad to announce we provide support for these new capabilities as well.

You can now force Wi-Fi whitelisting, so the devices can connect to only your company Wi-Fi configured with Miradore. VPN creation can also be disabled to ensure users don’t connect to any unauthorized VPN networks.

On the data leak front, AirPrint can now be disabled, and device proximity setup as well.

More Information

For more information on Miradore iOS device management, please visit

Also, take a look on a recently released video which explains Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP) and how to get started.


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