You spoke, and we listened.

With several major upgrades, in addition to over two dozen minor improvements and bug fixes, the release of Miradore Management Suite (MMS) 4.5.0 gives you and your team even more flexibility and visibility so you can more effectively manage your IT assets.

New Custom Dashboards

Administrators can now create beautiful, easy-to-understand custom dashboards, in addition to the built-in dashboards that come with the product.

This is a major improvement and can facilitate your teams’ reporting, because any of the custom dashboards can be set as the default dashboard for all Miradore users – and the default dashboard is the first thing that the users see after logging in.

Additionally, the custom dashboards can also be easily copied between the MMS instances using the export and import tools.

Improved Software Asset Management

Unnecessary license allocations can sometimes be an issue. You may be paying for a license for software that the employee is not utilizing.

To facilitate the verification of license allocations, a few new data columns were added to the License pool item.











In addition, the logic of calculating the “allocations needed” information for the license management views was also updated to correctly handle the scenario in which multiple licenses are granted to use the same software. Earlier, the calculation formula incorrectly assumed that a license must be allocated to each identified software installation from every applicable license pool.

For further tracking of software licenses, you can also add a license view to your new custom dashboard.

Improved Custom Reports

A lot of new items and filters were added to the Report builder for building custom reports, giving you even more ways to analyze your IT assets.  Also major improvements were made to the query filtering in the Report builder and in the web service API of Miradore Management Suite.







Additional improvements in MMS 4.5.0 include an easier way to submit software cataloging requests and better control over patch scanning and installation.

The MMS 4.5.0 download is available from here.

For the complete list of upgrades, updates, improvements, bug fixes, and notes, check out our release notes.

Are you a Miradore Management Suite user?  Let us know what you think.

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