Change is in the air over here at Miradore, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. So what’s going on? Well, we have a new version of Miradore Management Suite, a brand new CEO, and vastly improved Apple support for Miradore Online. Take a look for yourself and read all about the exciting new things going on!

Miradore welcomes Simo Salmensuu as CEO

An experienced sales and marketing leader, Simo is ready to help Miradore continue on the path of rapid growth. Joining us from ZyXEL where he held the position of Country Manager, Simo also has experience at Comptel and Nokia Networks. You can find out more about Simo and his plans for Miradore here. Welcome, Simo!

Miradore Management Suite 4.3.0 is here!

Miradore Management Suite is now bigger and better than ever. Here’s a peek at some of the features and improvements we’ve implemented in 4.3.0. For more detailed information, be sure to check out the Miradore Management Suite 4.3.0 Release Notes.

Custom asset attributes to save more information

Want to save information about a device, but can’t find the correct field? No worries! Now Miradore administrators can add custom fields to asset configuration items for storing custom information about managed devices. With a little imagination, the possibilities are endless.

Data protection with drive encryption

Got sensitive data? With 4.3.0, Miradore initial installation allows you to enable BitLocker drive encryption during the operation system installation, as well as gather inventory information about the TPM chip and BitLocker status in managed devices. No fuss, no muss!

Other improvements in Miradore Management Suite 4.3.0

Performance improvement was one of the focus areas of this release, and Miradore Management Suite 4.3.0 introduces many improvements to the system performance regarding the processing of asset data and loading of various management views throughout the user interface.

In addition to the performance improvements, the latest version also enhances the product with over 60 other improvements and bug fixes, including some new Miradore client and connector versions as well.

Miradore Online Apple support is in full swing

With Miradore Online’s Apple support, you can now manage iOS devices throughout the entire lifecycle. The cloud-based, end-to-end iOS management has a ton of benefits for those enjoying our Enterprise plan. You can connect to Miradore automatically using the Device Enrollment Program, have total control of device applications using Volume Purchasing Program, and even whitelist or blacklist applications to your heart’s content. For more information, read about how to make the most of Miradore Online’s fully-featured Apple support.

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