If you are working in an IT management position, you must have faced Bring Your Own Hype (BYOH) situations on numerous occasions. You know, the ideas presented by that dynamic guy from marketing, the iEverything person from corporate communications, or the VP who has a technology savvy son?

Sometimes it can be distracting and even distressing, but it doesn’t have to be! Miradore introduces today a BYOH framework, targeted for IT leaders who want to maintain good customer satisfaction ratings, but at the same time wish to focus more on their exciting day-to-day CIO stuff. The framework will guide you through the steps needed to successfully avoid the pitfalls of BYOH with a minimum effort.


Miradore BYOH framework’s main elements are described briefly below. For more information, please contact us.

1. 4C’s of which one is S (4C/S)

The four C’s are: course, conference, consultant, and sales guy, i.e. the typical sources for hype infections. No, we don’t want to make them more easily available for your VP’s, but we will equip you to deal with them. For example, if the source of infection is a consultant, we can offer a tailored approach for easing the symptoms and preventing the infection from becoming an outbreak.

2. Excited evangelist survival pack (EESPTM)

This is for you to survive the burst of his/her initial excitement. If the 4C’s were aimed at reducing the collateral damage, the EESP is intended to reduce your damage. It contains such things as a rubber mask with a straight face, a camouflage kit (for maximum avoidance), and a talking aid repeating such sentences as: “Yes, it is very cost effective and it will solve all our problems”.

3. Easy-to-implement cloud-based service (E2ICBS)

This is really a no-brainer. You will need a cloud-based service since everyone else is having them also. And they are always easy to implement. That is just a matter of fact.

 4. Consultancy & Roadshow (C&R)

Since cloud-based services are always horrible to implement, you are going to need consultancy. A lot of it. If you prefer guys in suits, it is going to cost you something like $1000-1600 per man day. Suits are expensive, you know. If jeans and t-shirts will do, it is much cheaper, perhaps only $600-800 per man day. And by the way, you will need to do a roadshow. Even if you have only one office.

 5. Change resistance accelerator process (CRAPTM)

Whenever there’s a hype, there’s resistance. CRAP is actually more than just a process, it contains a selection of useful means and methods for reducing the lead time of change resistance . ‘Change curve’ toilet paper, team building event without idiotic team building exercise, and a kickback for the opinion leader, to name a few.

 6. Interactive dashboard (iD)

Dashboard is naturally needed for demonstrating that everything is now successfully implemented and things are better than before. Some kind of dashboard may be included in the E2ICBS, but it never hurts to have more of them. And it doesn’t really have to be interactive, but you’ll need it to be able to put the ‘i’ in the acronym, it just makes sense.

 7. Forgetting pill (FP)

This is for… well, never mind. You won’t remember it anyway.



Simo Kari

Simo Kari

CMO at Miradore Ltd
Simo Kari has been the CMO for Miradore since 2014. Prior to joining Miradore in 2013 he worked several years in various management positions in HCL Technologies and UPM. He has versatile experience in developing, implementing, and operating IT services in international environments. Simo holds an MSc. from University of Liverpool. | LinkedIn
Simo Kari