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3 min read

MDM Makes Employees’ Phones More Secure – and Your Life Easier

3 min read


Whether it’s about making the most of our free service or using the heavy-duty advanced Premium plan, we want you to know about all the awesome things Miradore Mobile Device Management (MDM) can do for you. To help ensure this, we dug beyond the feature names in the menus and found seven features that might still surprise you about Miradore.

You can send push messages

Are you about to release an important update and want everyone to know? Or is someone’s device simply low on memory space? There’s no need to congregate in the meeting room or make phone calls, as with Miradore you can simply send a direct message to Android users you want to reach (iOS coming soon, too). The messages will pop up as notifications on their screen, and you’ll be able to keep an eye on who’s read your message too.

You can clear and reset passcodes remotely

Do you run a support operation for your devices? Even if not, your users will always come to you with the line “I forgot my password”, and more often than not they don’t have the device at hand. Luckily, for smooth helpdesk operations, you can clear or reset the passcodes of your managed iOS or Android devices remotely. This not only streamlines operations but also makes devices more secure.

You can automate your admin work

The business policy enforcement feature of Miradore lets you decide upon which apps and configuration profiles (from passcodes to Wi-Fi) you want automatically installed on all your devices. You can even vary the policies used for different devices and offices, using device tags to mark to which policy group they belong. Not only does this improve security by stopping people from breaching corporate policies, but it also does away with a significant part of repetitive administration work.

You don’t have to wipe the entire device

We all appreciate the importance of remotely wiping a device. By removing corporate data from lost or stolen devices we rescue valuable company information and other sensitive data from getting into the wrong hands. But did you know that it’s possible to only wipe specific data?

Selective wipe, amazingly useful if you have a BYOD policy, lets you take off all company-related information, such as files, configuration profiles, and access, while leaving personal data untouched. In Miradore, this takes place as soon as a device is unenrolled, so you can confidently hand the device back to its owner.

You can let your users enroll their own devices

Replacing mobile devices is time-consuming, and with employees in flux, it can feel like you have to do it all the time. It doesn’t have to be that way. By enabling self-service enrollment in Miradore, you can let users enroll their own devices by entering their email address and your company PIN code. Make this part of new employees’ induction, and hey, another problem solved.

You can secure your Wi-Fi credentials

Chances are your mobile users access the company Wi-Fi every day. As a security practice, it’s a good idea to change the password every now and then, but how do you let the users know that, as well as make sure the password isn’t leaked?

With Miradore, this is super simple: you just create a Wi-Fi profile and push it to your devices. When you update the password, all you need do is change it in the profile. No more confused calls about the Wi-Fi not working, less hassle for the users, and no need to worry about unauthorized access to your networks – your users won’t even need to know the password!

You can stay confidently in the know

Are your devices offline? Do some devices need their passcode set? Are their devices that haven’t been online for over a month? Take a look at your Miradore dashboard and all these questions and more will be answered in a couple of clicks. To really make the most out of your device inventory, you can even filter it down to create custom reports. How’s that for staying on top of things?

There are so many solutions available for so many potential situations. In order to discover these and other exciting features you didn’t yet know about, we recommend you log in and start exploring today. And if you still have a problem for which you can’t find a solution, do get in touch! We pride ourselves on our support; contact us whenever you'd like.