Lemon pie - Picture credit: Flickr, Creative Commons, Ginny/ginnerobot

Lemon pie – Picture credit: Flickr, Creative Commons, Ginny/ginnerobot

Miradore IT lifecycle management solution can be used to solve a wide variety of problems. Miradore is used to manage hundreds of thousands of devices globally by our partners.

Miradore is packed with powerful features, but as many of you have noticed, it can be a bit overwhelming at first, and often requires training for the operators, the engineers as well as the salespeople. Aside from our support site where you can access our product downloads and knowledgebase, we’ve also arranged traditional training seminars. While very effective, we believe there’s no need for all the training to be a formal classroom experience, and we think we’ve found a way to make everyone win.

Recently, we’ve come up with something called the Miradore Academy, an online repository for self-learning. The site is now operational, and by registering a free account you can access a wealth of materials and mini courses. Our goal is to have a full-fledged online training portal covering the operational, the engineering and the sales aspects of Miradore use so you can more flexibly study the topics you want on a schedule that suits you.

The first point of focus has been to focus on the operational issue of data quality. While Miradore enables you to do a variety of things ranging from software installations to power management, the key to everything is our ability to produce real time, reliable information on all of your assets. For this, we’ve started an article series called Route to Quality Data. The articles cover the best practices of ensuring your data is not only initially correct, but always remains that way so it’s always there when you most need it. Be it for an audit or just for day-to-day reporting, you should always be able to find the answers to the questions “What devices do I have, where are they and who is responsible of them?” on a moment’s notice. For this purpose, we’re proud to present the first two articles in the series, the first about data mismatch reporting and the second about self-service asset data confirmation. Keep a lookout for more material on the subject.

Aside from the data quality series, we provide walk through guides on topics ranging from building software packages to creating custom inventories. We also provide instructions for making the most of the latest features such as the recently released report builder.

More material is being added on a constant basis, and a hot topic we’re currently investigating is interactive courses using on-demand deployed virtual environments for assignments. Do you have a topic in mind we should cover? Be in touch!

Current articles on Route to Quality Data series:


Valtteri Kekki

Valtteri Kekki

CTO at Miradore Ltd
Valtteri Kekki is the CTO of Miradore. He has been with the company since 2011 and is also an experienced software developer. Valtteri holds an M.Sc. in computer science from Lappeenranta University of Technology.
Valtteri Kekki