“In the ITAM Review’s opinion, Miradore should be very high on your consideration list when looking for an ITAM solution.”

It is a no-brainer but of course we do agree with this quote from David Foxen in the ITAM Review’s technology evaluation. It is definitely recommended to read the whole in-depth review, but here are some highlights of the findings:

High-quality hardware data. Miradore’s core strength is the ability to automatically collect information from IT hardware assets utilizing management agents and integrations to third-party systems, such as Microsoft Active Directory.


This certainly didn’t go unnoticed in the review:

“In The ITAM Review’s opinion, Miradore really excels in the hardware asset management (HAM) and hardware discovery aspect. The sheer amount of hardware information available to the end user is superb; it provides all the hardware information that an organisation could possibly need to effectively manage its hardware assets throughout its lifecycle.”

We have been working within IT service management (ITSM) area for years and data quality is one of the most common challenges. Poor data leads to bad decisions.

Automation. High-quality data is in itself a valuable asset for any organisation, but when coupled with automation features, such as self-service capabilities, software deployment, and configurations deployment, it is the combination that has what it takes to save you a lot of work and money:

“One aspect of the Miradore solution that we really liked is its ability to push software and updates directly from the tool. Whilst this may not be particularly unique, coupled with the approval process it provides a controlling and powerful method for managing and updating an organisations software estate. With the aforementioned approval process and the ability to actually deploy software from the tool, in our opinion this makes Miradore a very strong solution. This reduces the need for different solutions for software deployment or software updates, which helps the IT staff that have to use multiple tools for different actions.”

When we can skip lots of manual work, it saves not only your time but also your nerves, with less mistakes. A true win-win situation.

Software metering development. To be fair, the ITAM Review analysis did also perceive some areas for further development, particularly when it comes to Miradore’s software asset management (SAM) capabilities. Even if the basic SAM features were found to be competitive (“Miradore does what you’d expect any SAM tool to do, and in our opinion it does it well.”), there is still room for improving the software metering capabilities:

“However, one flaw that we did identify within the SAM feature is the weakness of its software metering and general usage stats.”

“Furthermore, the actual act of adding and reviewing licenses seemed to be lacking sophistication. It didn’t present itself well and looked far more complicated than it should. In our opinion, the act of actually managing existing licenses and seeing the compliancy figures could be improved upon to make it more user friendly.”

Customer and peer feedback on our map
Good feedback – both from customers and from professional reviewers – is essential. While most of the desired SAM features already do exist, we will put additional focus on making the use of Miradore intuitive and easy. As a matter of fact, as mentioned in the vendor profile towards the end of the review, usability is one of our key focus areas at the moment.

I am very glad if your curiosity has woken up. Please see it yourself by registering to Miradore Online and give the user interface a test drive. It’s free and you can discontinue use at any time, so don’t be shy! What do you think?

By the way, where is Miradore on your consideration list when looking for an IT asset management solution? I’m happy to answer any questions you might have!

Simo Kari
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Simo Kari

Simo Kari

CMO at Miradore Ltd
Simo Kari has been the CMO for Miradore since 2014. Prior to joining Miradore in 2013 he worked several years in various management positions in HCL Technologies and UPM. He has versatile experience in developing, implementing, and operating IT services in international environments. Simo holds an MSc. from University of Liverpool. | LinkedIn
Simo Kari