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Introducing Mac Scripting

1 min read

We are continuously working on strengthening our Mac management capabilities and today, we are happy to share that you can now deploy scripts on macOS devices with Miradore.

Scripts are helpful in automating routine or time-consuming tasks which would otherwise be done manually. Instead of performing the same task repeatedly on every managed Mac, you can now create a script and deploy it to tens or hundreds of computers remotely with Miradore.

Scripts enable you to perform tasks, such as:

  • Install a software package that requires some custom installation steps
  • Remove a software package that was installed with custom installation steps
  • Change computer or software settings
  • Update software and add licenses
  • Change device names remotely
  • Prevent device users from using/setting the firmware lock
  • Clear a DNS cache
  • Download your company logo to a library folder

Most importantly, deploying scripts with Miradore saves you valuable time and reduces inconsistencies caused by manual device configurations. You can simultaneously deploy the same script on multiple computers and even automate the process with our Business Policy feature.

Scripting is supported for macOS Catalina (version 10.15) and newer, and it is available in the Premium plan.

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