As a recent review by Tech Republic highlighted, more and more people in the tech press are beginning to appreciate the power of our mobile device management solution, Miradore Online. However, something we’re even more proud of is the fact that many of our customers find Miradore Online through word-of-mouth and recommendations. It says a lot, we think, when IT managers are willing to go on record, connecting their names to something other than a massive brand. That’s why we’ve very proud of the many success stories we’ve got showcased on our site. But what about the rest of the world? We spent an afternoon surfing to find out what the Internet thinks of Miradore Online. Here are the results.


1. On Spiceworks, a well known community of IT professionals, Jason Bayton sings Miradore Online’s praises:

“Ultimately a great little simple MDM solution. It’s not going to blow you away with features and toys but it will manage your devices easily and in the background. Useful for small organisations or those who’re taking their first steps into the world of device management.”

This was 18 months ago, and we think Jason would love our new features.


2. David Trad is impressed by our support, user interface for Miradore online and by clientele of big companies. Well, our entire company started as an internal IT project in a major Finnish company a decade ago, so we understand the needs of big businesses too.

“Amazingly well designed cloud based interface with really good graphing that gives you the hands down best “At a Glance” look over your mobile fleet”


3. Bruce Sarte is impressed by the clarity of our UI, ease of enrolment and our pricing model. Back over a year ago, he also asked for features. Luckily, this is something we continue to address.

“As an MDM solution, Miradore hits all the high points without creating unnecessary clutter. It says it manages your mobile devices and doesn’t try to do more than it promises — and fits nicely into a BYOD organization. It offers an easy to use cloud based interface that can be accessed from anywhere in any web browser. From this interface you can enrol, manage, report and do everything that the product offers. This is a great plus especially for small IT shops, or organizations with a lot of mobile users.”

He goes on:

“The enrolment process — again, super-easy wizard style that allows you to invite your end-users to take control of their enrolment process via text message or e-mail. Hands-off IT!”

Sarte also points out that we’re not an American company. The upside: Finnish privacy legislation works for Americans too, in that we can’t be forced to give access to information to and keep quiet about it.


4. Ben M. likes how we can deploy Apple devices without creating lots of Apple IDs. And our “freemium” model gave him a “no-pressure” trial.

“We needed a MDM solution to deploy, secure, wipe, and manage mobile devices. Miradore online starts out free and allows you to upgrade your service level. We got a great solution for free and have since purchased their premium versions. We have secured our mobile devices and can push applications, email profiles, Wi-Fi profiles, VPN profiles, etc to devices, as well as easily pull gather phone inventory data.”


5. Jack Wallen from Tech Republic writes about the ease of use he created an app blacklist in his step-by-step guide.

“Thanks to companies like Miradore, you can be making MDM magic quickly and without having to train, lose sleep, or hire a specialist to ensure the job gets done.”


7. On TechTarget Lisa Phifer gives us a ringing endorsement by mentioning us as an obvious first-stop alternative to very basic tools from the Google and Apple.

There, the Internet has spoken. Real businesses from all around the world put their faith in our cloud based MDM solution. To find out why, why not try Miradore Online for free today.


8. TechBuzz Ireland features a walkthrough on getting started with Miradore Online, including details on how to get push certificates for Apple iOS devices. All in all, the it’s an amazingly simple process that gives you a world of control. It’s fun to see some recognation of how frictionless onboarding really is on mobile platforms!


There we go, a quick look at the things the great hivemind of the internet has said about us. We’ll be sure to revisit this vanity googling trick from time to time to find any new thoughts on our products!


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