Apple has really excelled in coming up with great features lately. The much anticipated Night Shift mode was applauded by everyone with a 64-bit processor in their Apple devices, and they’re finally starting to keep performance on older hardware in mind too. Whether that’s more to avoid the law suits or to keep the user base happy, to us it’s the end result that counts.

However, iOS 9 has been plagued with some issues and glitches, some just inconvenient but others downright nasty. So, ever more reason to take heed of the following advice!

Don’t install iOS 9.3.2 if you’ve got an iPad pro

iOS 9.3.2 has been out less than a day now, so hopefully the damage hasn’t been done yet. Let’s keep it that way, too. If you’ve got an iPad Pro 9.7 inch model, people are finding that their devices become completely bricked after the update. They only see an error message and the request to plug the device into iTunes. There doesn’t currently seem to be a solution, short of waiting for Apple to come up with something, so we strongly recommend you hold your horses at this point.

How we can help

Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do to absolutely prevent this. Apple’s MDM APIs currently do allow us to force updates on some of the devices, but there’s no way to prevent the update, even if your devices are managed by Miradore. How we can help you, though, is getting the message through to your users. Get the device list from your Miradore by filtering with “iPad 6,4” and “iPad 6,3”, and call those or send them a message, right now. And if you happen to have contacts at the Apple end, please tip off their MDM team that we’d like to be of more assistance.

We’ll keep you posted on anything new we find out. In the meantime, we hope you stay patient and stay safe!

Valtteri Kekki

Valtteri Kekki

CTO at Miradore Ltd
Valtteri Kekki is the CTO of Miradore. He has been with the company since 2011 and is also an experienced software developer. Valtteri holds an M.Sc. in computer science from Lappeenranta University of Technology.
Valtteri Kekki