Is your organization using lots of time for preparing PCs for staff or customers? You no longer have to. We have a solution which enables to skip the installation and configuration of operating systems, but still keep track of the devices and deploy all the needed software packages and configurations. This Miradore feature is called self-service device enrollment.

Here’s an example of the self-service device enrollment process. First, an end user purchases a computer from a local store and then he or she requests an enrollment code from service desk. The service desk chooses a role for the computer and enters the end user’s name and location to Miradore. As a result, Miradore generates a 6-digit enrollment code.

The service desk then passes the enrollment code to the end user with an URL address to an enrollment site. On the enrollment site, which is available in 17 languages, the user is authenticated with the enrollment code and then he/she is instructed to proceed with the Miradore management client installation.

After the client installation is ready, Miradore automatically deploys the software and other configurations, defined by the selected device role, to the computer.

Typical configurations include changing the device name according to company policies and offline domain join. The offline domain join makes it possible to join the device to an Active Directory domain even when the device is only connected to Internet instead of internal company network. Microsoft DirectAccess policies can also be applied during the offline domain join and taken into use after a reboot, which can be configured to happen automatically.

Again, typical software packages installed during the enrollment are VPN software, office applications, and antivirus software.

The self-service device enrollment is very useful especially if the device users want to bring their own devices to work, or if they need to quickly replace a broken device with a new one when travelling, for example. In a case like that, they can just walk into any store, buy a new computer that meets the requirements, and enroll the device to Miradore in order to set it up for company use.

With self-service device enrollment, you can also retire your traditional workstation pre-installation processes. New devices can be delivered directly to the end users, instead of a pre-installation center, that first installs the operating system, drivers, and software to the device and then sends it to the end user. If the IT department doesn’t feel comfortable about end users doing the enrollments as a self-service, it’s also an option that IT personnel does the enrollment for them. It is anyway easier, and takes much less time than performing the traditional pre-installation.

The use of the device self-service enrollment, instead of traditional pre-installation, reduces the amount of IT operational work significantly. It, for example, eliminates the need to manage operating system installation media and device drivers for all device models, because operating system, drivers and, driver software are already in place in the factory image.

When using the self-service device enrollment process as a part of a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) or Choose Your Own Device (CYOD) -model, you can also make your end users more satisfied about your company’s IT services.

What if the user wants an Apple Mac device? No worries, the self-service device enrollment also supports OS X computers.

Got interested? You can find more detailed information about the self-service device enrollment from Miradore Product guide: Operations guide > Asset management > Self-service device enrollment.

Otto Metsähukala

Otto Metsähukala

Technical Specialist at Miradore Ltd
Otto Metsähukala is a Technical Specialist working in the Professional Services team. He joined Miradore in March 2013. His previous experience includes local and global workstation support and management. Otto holds a B.Eng. from Lahti University of Applied Sciences.
Otto Metsähukala