How to manage unmanaged changes in asset management data with data mismatch reports?

Having up-to-date asset management data is vital for efficient management and cost control of environment. Usually the value of it is realized only when most needed.

Some changes, like the responsible person of asset and location, might be done by end user and informing the asset management process might be forgotten. Similarly, vendor on-site hardware support might visit a PC, change some components and again the asset management process is usually forgotten.

The result of these actions is out-of-sync asset management database.

On the other hand, since users are increasingly mobile they might be temporarily working from other than their “home” site or the responsible person of a computer might not be the one logged in to it.

So, what can you do to manage all this?

In this blog, I will go through the use of Asset data mismatch reporting feature in Miradore that helps you to spot the inconsistencies and errors in your asset data and provides an easy way to update the information.

Asset data mismatch reporting

You can find a step-by-step guide for enabling the asset data mismatch reporting feature from Miradore Academy (requires registration). Anyway, after the mismatch reporting has been enabled, you can use it by navigating to “Data mismatch” view:


Immediately, the report will show detected mismatches:


And makes it easy to fix them:


Jim must feel like a champ now! Maybe a good time for some coffee?

So, that’s it then?

Miradore also has other ways to approach this problem:

  • Inventory change logs
  • Requesting device end-users to check asset data


If you would like to learn more about these methods, please visit the Self-learning area in Miradore Academy (requires registration).

Mikko Hytönen

Technology Manager at Miradore Ltd
Mikko Hytönen, Technology Manager, works in Professional Services team on all areas from pre-sales to implementations and environment health checks. Mikko has over 15 years of experience starting from the development of an OS deployment system, workstation standardization projects, asset management implementations ending up to global IT solution plans and has worked for Miradore since 2006. | LinkedIn

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