We just released a new version of Miradore Online with the following new features:

  • Business policy enforcement
  • Device tagging support for enrollments


Business Policy Enforcement

Business policies in Miradore Online are a set of rules which allow automatic deployment of settings to managed devices. You can choose applications and configuration profiles, for example, passcode requirements and Wi-Fi configurations, that will be automatically installed to a group of devices. The feature makes Miradore Online an effective tool to ensure that enrolled devices are compliant with company policies and security regulations. In addition, it eases administrative work since required configuration profiles and applications are deployed automatically.

Administrators can create multiple business policies and use device tagging to designate groups of devices to which the policies apply. For example, you can create separate business policies for company’s head and branch offices, and monitor office-specific policy compliance.



Business policies are available for Miradore Online Enterprise customers. If interested, consider upgrading your subscription. To upgrade now, log in and click Upgrade. There are no commitments so you can downgrade at any time!

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Device Tagging Support to Enrollment

Another new feature which helps automation in conjunction with business policies is the possibility to add tags to devices being enrolled. When a new device is enrolled to Miradore Online, configured tags are automatically attached to it. Read more about device tags.

Device tagging features are available in the Free version of Miradore Online.

Upcoming: Application Management for iOS

This spring, we released Miradore Online Enterprise subscription plan. It includes, for example, application management, business policy enforcement, and API. The application management has been an Android-only feature but we are now working on iOS support as well. Follow us on Twitter to be among the first to know when application management for iOS is available.

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