Conferences are exciting, yet planning what to listen to can be something of a daunting task especially during a busy work week. Happily, if you’re going to MSPWorld 2017 in New Orleans, then help is at hand. Once again, we’ll be attending, (we hope you’ll come and say hello) so we’ve gone through the schedule and put together our selection of must-see talks and keynotes. We look forward to meeting you there.


1. Special Agent Watkins (FBI) Ret.

Want to get a sense of what’s going on with ‘the cybers’ and how to defend a business from attacks? Expect this and much more from Special Agent Watkins, who will cover the state of online threats.  Also expect a walk-through and list of action items you can use in your business the minute you’ve slept off your jetlag after the conference.


2. Ryan Vallee, Product Management Lead – AVAST

Pricing is essential to all aspects of keeping a business afloat, yet asking for money is not always the most comfortable thing to do. Mr. Vallee is likely to provide a few hard-earned lessons of how to sustain a business with healthy pricing that benefits both service provider businesses and their customers.


3. Robert J. O’Neill

If all this talk of cyber warfare and business challenges gets you tired, you might want to seek out this keynote. With the cryptic title of ‘Never Quit’ we’re pretty sure Robert J O’Neill, a highly decorated Navy veteran of special combat operations, will have some inspiring adventures to share in ways that will make you appreciate the relatively mundane ordeals of managing service levels for business critical applications.


4. Rahul A. Garg, Strategy And Product Management – IBM

The robots are coming! Before we all sit and watch movies in our brand new Teslas on the way to work, machine learning/AI is bound to help reduce human workloads in a lot of fields. IBM being on the frontier of building platforms for machine learning, we hope Mr Garg will give us a good run-down of what trends and signals to track as customer service bots are approaching.


5. Laz Vekiarides, CTO & Co-Founder – ClearSky Data

Running company-owned data centers, especially if you’re close to outgrowing your space and power, is a real challenge. As we undoubtedly know by now, public cloud providers are utterly changing the dynamics of how companies can get off the grounds and stay in business while investing only in resources rather than gear. Laz Vekiarides’ talk is set to walk any potential cloud holdouts to see the light and at least cut costs by saving on secondary data center expenses.


6. Kevin Haley, Director Of Security Response – Symantec

How to tackle threats security threats in a modern IT environment, perhaps with a lot of reliance on software as a service and cloud. From ransomware to phishing Kevin Haley will cover a lot of ground in the ever-increasing field of what to do about security.


7. Aaron Mangal, Host Of The Cloud Radio Show Business Development – Network Remedy

Inbound markering can be key to reach all the right people who previously ignored your ads and didn’t see your e-mails. If your goals for 2017 include business growth, why not let Aaron Mangal help you take a sip from a major trend in digital marketing to learn how to really target the marketing information you put out there.


7 top talks that we think will be sure to get you thinking. If there’s any you think we’ve missed, let us know in the comments below.

Header photo by Eric Gross.

Thomas Nybergh

Thomas Nybergh

Thomas Nybergh is a writer with a passion for mobile technology and user-centred design. He has spent nearly a decade working at the crossroads of technology and marketing and now spends far too much time on the internet helping to make it tick.
Thomas Nybergh