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26th of October, 2018 2 min read

Healthcare Company Attendo Secures 2,000 Mobile Devices with Miradore

Attendo, the largest private provider of care services in the Nordic region, secures 2,000 devices with the Finnish technology provider Miradore. To live up to GDPR requirements protecting the information in mobile phones and tablets and to ensure the operation of critical safety alarms.

In connection with the GDPR project initiated in 2016, Attendo realized the need for an MDM solution and chose Finnish technology provider Miradore.

“We had two main objectives, to protect our devices in a way that meets the requirements of GDPR, and to ensure the functionality of our safety alarms,” ​​says Oskar Hägglund, IT manager at Attendo.

Gain total control of configurations and installations

The safety alarms were critical to Attendo’s operations and before introducing Mobile Device Management (MDM) there were several issues that affected the functionality.

If activated, the alarm, which is on the user’s arm, sends a signal to a dedicated mobile phone.

Problematic was that sometimes the data plan had been exceeded or the phone had accidentally been set to flight mode, which could have life-threatening cautions.

We solved this challenge with Miradore’s Mobile Device Management, says Hägglund.

Get started Easy and Fast

Ronnie Afzelius, CEO of Afzelius Informationsteknik AB and the partner who is working with Attendo.

“With Mobile Device Management (MDM) we got started easy and fast”, says Afzelius.

Afzelius also notes the ease of creating reports, which gives all parties a good overview, including how much of the data plan that has been used. As for the other 2,000 units that now have the MDM solution in place, the team was able to roll it out remotely and automatically without having to collect phones and tablets.

Secure and Protect your devices

As additional benefits, Ronnie Afzelius mentions security, since the solution makes it possible to force the user to create and use a pin code. The solution is also very adept at finding a lost device, no matter what model it is, and if it is stolen, wiping it remotely.

In all new phones, the solution is in place from the very start, continues Afzelius. It also means that phones can no longer be rendered useless, because a user has entered his or her own Apple ID and then left the company, or in any other way made it impossible for us to unlock it. Whatever model, we can now wipe the phone and use it again.

Miradore offers you Excellent Customer Support

Hägglund and Afzelius raise the importance of strong cooperation.

“Miradore’s technicians in Finland and Sweden were helpful. It is a big advantage that there is a Swedish organization that can handle issues and make quick decisions”.

We’ve received a good response for change requests and Miradore is listening closely to us as customers, which, of course, is great, concludes Afzelius.

Read the full customer story.

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