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Manage Android operating system updates with Miradore

You can now manage Android operating system updates with Miradore, bringing you more control and transparency for Android management.

From now on, all Miradore users can check the status of their Android operating system updates using the widgets on Miradore’s dashboard. In addition, Premium plan users can control upcoming system updates for Android devices that are managed in the Device Owner mode.

Managing Android system updates centrally:

  • Brings transparency: Admins can check which devices have the latest OS installed.
  • Increases control: Admins can postpone system updates to test new OSs before deploying them to all devices or make sure that updates take place outside business hours.
  • Improves security: Admins can make sure that devices are running the latest OS with important security updates.
  • Enhances user experience: Device users don’t have to be in charge of updating their devices to the latest OS and devices are always up to date with all the latest features.

Widgets and Android OS update management are available for devices running Android 8 and newer.

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