It’s a fantastic time to be in the mobile space for Miradore Online users. We’re proud to present a growing list of capabilities, particularly related to work managed devices.

The control we’re enabling makes mobile devices attractive and productive in even more environments with high security and privacy requirements, or use cases that rely on highly tuned or purpose built device configurations.

To get use of all the new features, just make sure you’re on the Enterprise plan of Miradore Online. Once you’re signed up, even device enrollment is easier than ever: it can be done by scanning a QR code or typing a one-time code in the device startup wizard.


Work managed devices versus work profiles

Our customers now have a choice between two modes for controlling Android Enterprise devices. Work managed devices are under full control and suitable for environments where all the options for configuring the devices are best kept available or when the device is owned by an organization. For BYOD schemes and similar situations, work profiles bring the additional granularity of offering user profiles with a separated context for work apps, to prevent everyday data leakage and similar threats.

Old blueprints of Star Trek's Starship Enterprise.

When you need a break from deploying mobile devices in your enteprise, we suggest you take a look at the blueprints for the Fabulous Starship Enterprise we found on Flickr.

Sticky management

Before, Android management often relied on the principles of ‘trust but verify’: you could add restrictions and monitor their presence on the device. But in many cases, restrictions could be removed by means of factory resets or with Google Device Manager. Now, we have added support for features in the Android system which lets us deny the user access to factory resets


Enter lockdown mode

Even more Android lockdown options are available: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and mobile network settings can now be protected from user modification. Google Play has a few more tricks up its sleeve, with silent app installs, self-service installs of approved apps and, for apps that support it, automatic configuration.

That’s not all: this release includes a laundry list of new feature restriction capabilities, such as disabling SMS, outgoing calls and volume/mute management. Further options include the power to disable the camera, data roaming, safe boot, tethering and mounting of external media.

To learn the full extent of our additions to the feature portfolio, please read our article for further information.


Thomas Nybergh

Thomas Nybergh

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