It’s almost time for our big, all-day customer seminar and 10-year anniversary party in Helsinki on November 24th.

For the folks who’ve signed up, we want to provide a little teaser of what we’ll announce in 2017. We’ll have things in store for everyone who depends on Miradore products and services for keeping IT manageable.

Read on to learn some reasons why the user seminar will be nothing short of a fantastic package on the never ending journey of staying on top of trends in IT and mobility management.

1. You’ll hear unique insights from industry movers and shakers

Just to remind you: you’ve not signed up to a series of sales presentations. We wouldn’t put you through that. You’re already with us.

Instead, we have a lineup of fantastic keynote speakers who think deeply about IT and mobile computing. Among them are Kim Väisänen, founder of software company Blancco, Taavi Talve from Telia Estonia, and Carlos Villaverde from the gaming industry powerhouse King.

From managing IT Services in the games industry to the role of service providers in the digitization of the nation of Estonia, our speakers work on keeping important systems running in major sectors of the modern economy.

2. You’ll be among the first to know about three major themes for Miradore product developments in 2017

Since everyone present is a customer of ours, we’ll set aside a fair chunk of time to discuss our road map. To tease you a little bit, we’ll reveal three major areas that will see a lot of focus and interesting moves in 2017. Of course, front and center is our customers and how this will benefit everyone who relies on our tooling.

Sami Mäkiniemelä (Director, Account Management and Product Managers Valtteri Kekki and Mikko Hytönen in particular have a lot to share with you.


3. You’ll be filled in on how we’ll help keep your users happy and productive

We help IT departments of all sizes stay on top of things in a world full of shiny things. Having a well-balanced management policy on both mobile and desktops helps mitigate the temptation users face to stumble into the compliance valley of death that is “Shadow IT”.

4. You’ll hear stories from the tech battlefield

We’re not using militaristic terms here lightly: production IT environments can be a little bit like a war zone, even in the best of companies. Jan Hursti, Midmarket CTO at Fujitsu Finland will share a customer success story that should leave everyone considering Miradore Management Suite motivated to move forward.

Needless to say, we’ll give some attention to the benefits our products provide to our customers, with real world war stories on how we make desktop computing and mobile device fleets a little tidier and safe.

5. You’ll get a unique insight into the future

The future is exciting, but we live in the now. Part of this event will be all about keeping our feet on the ground and putting aside our bleeding edge crystal ball technology. We’ll make sure everyone is on the same page with what services we provide to our customers and why.


6. You’ll learn about the latest trends in Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

On the agenda, we also have a hefty dose of intelligence on where EMM is moving. Without getting lost in product announcements, let’s just say that there will be a cloud aspect to this.

Everyone will be clued up on the importance of cloud technologies in IT strategies going forward, whether that be with regards to in-house applications, infrastructure or applications one buys as services.

So, dear customer and attendee: exciting times are ahead at Miradore. See you on November 24th!

Thomas Nybergh

Thomas Nybergh

Thomas Nybergh is a writer with a passion for mobile technology and user-centred design. He has spent nearly a decade working at the crossroads of technology and marketing and now spends far too much time on the internet helping to make it tick.
Thomas Nybergh